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At Night



This is my entry to the "advanced photoshop mag cover contest"

-I spent a total of 7 hours on it, then the psd corruped so this isn't the result i would have come up with if i had more time. Having said that- I do like the piece. :p i'm expecting a few other people who used this stock in their piece, so it should be interessting to see what people have come up with.

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I have never before seen such an absolutely stunning and overwhelmingly beautiful interpretive depiction of a woman. I am just amazed at the amount of feeling and transient beauty that exudes from this absolutely magnificent piece of exquisite artwork.

Perhaps most impactful is the stunningly realistic expression on her face. The sadness of her eyes is absolutely haunting. It almost seems as though a tear is held back from falling only by persistence of an indomitable spirit betrayed by the firmness of her jaw and the unspoken words on her lips.

The coloring of this piece is also stunning. It creates the perfect contrast to the other wise monochromatic depiction of this piece.

Even the city background despite being almost completely dominated by the sheer stunning beauty of the central figure is in perfect sync with the rest of the picture, as it sets a powerful base for the emotions portrayed on her face to rest. Almost as though she is being forced to go toward something she despises utterly, and we are treated to as it were her final glimpse of the life she is leaving forever behind.

Quite simply, this is in my opinion the GREATEST piece in <img class="avatar" src="…" alt=":icon2mino:" title="2Mino"/>'s entire gallery. Bravo sir, and thank you greatly for sharing this absolutely stunning piece of art with the world.