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So, some of you that have been following me have noticed that I've been working on a couple of characters for something called Carnage. Well, those character concepts were for a much larger illustration that I'm officially titling Carnage: Battle on the Plains of Sahqara.

I've decided to post my process for this particular illustration for no other reason than I wanted to try documenting it for myself and I thought other artists might be interested in how I go about finishing an illustration of this scale.

I tell you right now this illustration is going to be really complex-- well at least for me! Lots of characters. Lots of texture. Lots of atmosphere. It'll be a mix of digital and traditional oil. I'll be sure to post the progress with explanations so... wish me luck and here we go.
Hey Everyone!
I just wanted to let you know that my new portfolio site is up and running... FINALLY! Thanks to my lovely wife. Check it out... there's some other stuff there that I"m not showing here... copyrights issues... Hope you enjoy the the work and the site.
now lets get to work.

No matter how many times I listen to stuff about copyrights... I always learn a bit more. All artist should be aware both to our benefit and advantage.…
So, I wanted to let you all know ( or at least those of you that are following me ) that I'm currently in the middle of some some projects and as soon as I get through this assignments I'll be posting some new work. Hopefully maybe some of the current stuff I'm doing if I'm allowed.

Thanks for your patience.