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The Court of the Digimon Nobles [MC/TF]High heels echoed across the floor of the grand hall, the rustle and brush of skirts trailed it. The pace was unhurried as they still had plenty of time to prepare the hall for the grand event that evening. With a confident nod of her head and a smile crossing her features; Mimi Tachikawa was quite proud of all that had been achieved.Her gaze swept across the hall and she noted every detail. The Floramon preparing flower arrangements that would decorate the tables and pillars around the halls. In honour of the event, they were a mixture of pink and white roses. Tables and chairs were dotted around, with a long table by the windows. The party tonight was going to be a great event, the perfect way to celebrate the birthday of young Hikari. She was getting ready in the bedroom, Takera helping her, and if she was right about Taichi, Yamato and Sora, they would be persuading the remaining two Digidestined to come over to their way of thinking.Soon they would follow Sireniamon, just as Mimi and the others did.“Lady Mimi you have truly outdone yourself!” The voice of the Digimon she followed came from behind and with a smile, Mimi turned and faced Sireniamon. She dipped into a courtesy as Sireniamon continued. “You have a designer's eye for details.” Regal and imposing, Sireniamon cut an elegant figure that deserved respect. She had Mimi's respect and loyalty without question. After all, Sireniamon had done so much for the pink haired Digidestined. After all, Mimi was a lover of fashion and being able to have others follow lead on the matter was quite beneficial to all, in Mimi's mind. When Mimi rose again, Sireniamon took in the details of Mimi's attire and gave an approving nod. “I doubt Koushiro will be able to take his eyes off you this evening.”A small chuckle escaped Mimi's lips as she looked down upon herself. Only three others knew this, but Mimi had been the first to fall under Sireniamon's influence. She had in turn helped Sireniamon turn the others. Even though the night was a formal affair, Mimi's attire was similar to what she had first worn under Sireniamon's sway. Mimi's gown was jade green in colour with black lace lining. The bodice had a sweeping neckline and puffed sleeves. Her hands and arms were covered with gloves in the same colours as of the gown, complete with black lace trimming. One one wrist was a silver bracelet with a jade stone. Dangling from it was the keychain of Tanemon; both the source of Mimi's gifts and the hold Sireniamon had on her. Mimi's hair had been pinned into an updo of curls, a crown of flowers added for decoration that she wore even away from the party.Mimi matched the warm smile on Sireniamon's face with one of her own. “I have you to thank, my queen. Were it not for your gifts then none of this could have happened.” She responded before taking another look at the grand hall. It was nearing its completion. Hikari would have a birthday to remember, that was already decided. She couldn't wait to see how the others responded to all that had been planned.“You give yourself too little credit my dear.” Sireniamon said as she took Mimi's hand and patted it. “Were it not for you, I'd not have been able to enthrall Sora or Hikari. You brought them to me, and it was also yourself who passed on the location of Eloinan to the others that brought them to me. You inspired me to give Hikari her gifts, as well as turning Takeru into a lady.”Mimi was quiet for a moment, and she surprised Sireniamon with a hug, a warm embrace which Sireniamon returned in a maternal way.“Your parents are quite lucky to have a daughter like you.” Sireniamon commented as they held the embrace for a moment before she looked down at the pink haired young lady before her. “Truly they are. Now, I must see to our other guests and ensure they are properly attired for the evening.”“I shall finish up here and go and join the others.” Mimi responded before stepping back and curtseying to her queen. Sireniamon turned and left the hall while Mimi looked in on the last few details left.-X-“I must say Koshiro, for someone looking to make an impression you certainly are not making the effort.” Taichi's haughty tones brought the red haired teen to the present, engrossed as he was on his D-Terminal. He looked up, having not noticed that he, Joe, Tentomon and Gomamon had company in the form of Tai, Matt and Sora. Their appearances certainly surprised him, though more in how they were dressed.Izzy knew that the three would make an effort, but to see them dressed as they were made Izzy thought that they were attending a grand ball rather than a birthday celebration. Sora was wearing a ball gown of deep red with white accents, billowing sleeves and rubies clasped in silver. Matt was wearing a navy blue velvet suit with a waistcoat that was a lighter shade of blue. He had crisp white dress shirt on and a ruffled cravat around his neck that had a sapphire pinned to the fabric. His lower legs were encased in boots that reached his knees with a slight heel at the back. His hands covered in white gloves, a cane held in one hand.Tai's appearance was considerably different to what everyone would expect from the first leader of the Digidestined. His normally messy hair had been cut and styled into a much more respectable length. It wasn't as messy, and while still spiked up in places it wasn't as wild as it used to be. His hair, coupled with the black suit, tailcoat jacket, orange waistcoat and matching bowtie gave Tai the appearance of a Lord of the manor they now sat in.Something that gave Izzy an uncomfortable feeling was the keychain of their respective in-training Digimon that was part of their outfits.Tai's words caused Izzy to look down at himself and his attire; white shirt, black trousers and a blazer. He looked to Joe who had smart clothes but was a little more casual in his choosing. Khaki trousers and a purple short sleeve shirt. “What's wrong with what we're wearing?” Izzy asked as he looked at Joe.“No one told us this was going to be a formal event.” Joe stated with a nod of his head. “Had you done so, we'd have made the effort.”“Well it is my sister's birthday.” Tai's voice was haughty again though there was a small amount of scorn in his tone of voice. “We have been through so much together that surely an event would warrant an effort being made?”The question went unanswered; both Izzy and Joe were a little annoyed with the way Tai spoke to them, while Matt and Sora remained indifferent, though the look on Matt's face showed that he believed Tai to be correct in the matter. Gomamon broke the silence of the moment, looking between the three finely clad Digidestined. “Where did you get the outfits from?” he asked the question that had been on his mind since they first stepped into the room. It was another moment in which Izzy and Joe had found curious about the others. They had first noticed the changes a few weeks before. First Tai's taste in more formal attire when he wasn't at school (and the fact he tucked his shirt in and did the top button of his uniform up). Then TK and Kari changed, the former having more feminine mannerisms and attire, turning up to a group meeting wearing a pure white outfit consisting of white shorts, a white long sleeve blouse, waistcoat and stockings along with heeled shoes and his blonde hair styled to look like a pixie cut. A week later and Matt had gone through a similar change to Tai in both mannerisms and appearance.Neither Izzy or Joe had an idea of what caused it, but they wondered if it was this place, Eloinan, and their mysterious hostess who was behind it all.“You've yet to be in the presence of Queen Sireniamon, so your ignorance can be forgiven. It was she who gave us the attire we are wearing.” Yamato answered, his voice the same haughty tone that Tai had. It was frustrating and annoying. He, Joe, Gomamon and Tentomon were being spoken down to by people who were meant to be their friends. Izzy wasn't one who was quick to anger, but he was close to snapping at the three of them. He was about to respond but paused. The door opened and the brushing of gowns across the ground filled the room.“Apologies for my tardiness, I had to see that the grand hall was ready for the party.” Mimi commented as she stepped into the room, smiling and nodding a greeting to the three fellow nobles who returned with a nod of their own. Her eyes went to Izzy and Joe, only to tut at their appearance. “Really? I would have thought you would have made the effort.”“This again?” Joe muttered to himself. Mimi looked at Joe, though said nothing. She turned her attention back to Izzy before looking into his eyes. Her eyes started to glow, they were a shade of green that had Izzy falling into a calm state. Her powers were at work. Joe noticed it. “Izzy?” he called, and tried to get up but felt a soft hand on his shoulder. Distracted by Mimi's appearance, Joe hadn't noticed that Sora had walked behind the two of them. Her own powers were calming Joe, keeping him in a peaceful and serene state.Although he was nearly under her sway, Izzy still had a small amount in him to question what was going on. Mimi however placed a gloved finger to his lips before smiling.“You don't have to worry Koshiro. Just calm yourself, and both you and Joe will take your rightful places with us in good time.” Mimi explained, before she went face to face and kissed Izzy on the lips. From that contact, Izzy was Mimi's to control.Sireniamon had granted those under her sway a multitude of powers and abilities, but to Mimi, for being the first, she had given the young lady the exact same powers that Sireniamon wielded. Mimi was able to control anyone who met her gaze. She could influence a person and get them to do what she wanted. If she so desired, she could transform a person in the same way Sireniamon transformed Takeru. Tentomon was about to ask a question, but Mimi raised a hand and her power of transformation was used. Tentomon reverted back to his in-training form of Motimon before being turned into a keychain. Without pausing she used the same power on Gomamon, turning him into a keychain of Bukamon.The kiss allowed Mimi's way of thinking to flow into Koshiro's mind and change his own thoughts. The truth of what had happened over the past few weeks was revealed to him; of Mimi's first contact with Sireniamon, the swaying of Sora and Hikari, and then the turning of Tai and Matt, and TK's transformation into Takera. Izzy also started to see himself as a Noble. He'd refer to himself using his given name of Koshiro and he would see the others as his equal, but the rest of the masses were beneath him.As Sireniamon had once said to Taichi weeks before, they had saved both the human world and Digital world. They were owed a debt that could never be repaid. Being made the nobility of the Digital World was a good start. All these thoughts and more flooded Koshiro's mind as he took in everything that Mimi's powers showed him.“My Lady Mimi,” Koshiro started when his thoughts had settled and he was able to clearly think. “I humbly ask for your forgiveness. I was a foolish plebeian who didn't see the truth.” Koshiro took Mimi's hand deftly on his own and brought it to his lips, kissing the top before stepping forward and kneeling before Mimi. The action brought some curious looks from those around them. Especially Mimi. She looked at Koshiro with a gentle smile. Her influence not only brought out his inner noble, but had also brought his romantic feelings towards Mimi to the fore. She took it in her stride and bid him rise.“There is nothing to forgive my gentle sir. I am just pleased to know that you stand by my side, Lord Koshiro.” said Mimi before taking both of his hands and bringing them together. “Come, you and Joe need to be properly attired for the night.” Mimi gestured for Sora to have Joe get up, though stopped when she looked to the door. Sireniamon stood there and smiled at the scene. She watched as all bar Joe performed either a curtsey or a deep bow. She smiled and stepped inside, her arms out in a gesture to have them relax before her.She looked on Koshiro and nodded her approval of the way Mimi influenced their latest noble. “Tonight we are all equals. You need not bow or curtsey to me. I have come to inform you that all is in readiness. The guests are ready, though...” she smiled at the sight of Koshiro and Joe. “I see we are not quite ready yet.” A quiet chuckle filled the room before she bid Joe join her. “Mimi, see to Koshiro. I shall see to Joe myself.” Sireniamon instructed. Joe was stuck in a trance and with a serene smile on his face he joined Sireniamon.The others slowly made their way towards the door. Sireniamon had more to tell them.“Tiachi, Hikari has requested your presence. She and Takera are awaiting you in Hikari's quarters. Yamato and Sora, await us at the double doors to the grand hall. We shall all converge there when we are ready and enter together.” Sireniamon instructed before stepping out of the door with Joe following behind.The others left the room and went about given instructions.-X-The time of the festivities was fast approaching. Sora and Yamato stood arm in arm outside the grand hall. The doors were shut, Maschinenmon was standing ready for the command to open and allow the group inside. That would only happen when Sireniamon gave the signal, and that would only come once they were all together. It hadn't taken long for Koshiro to be dressed for the occasion. He and Mimi came down the stairs hand in hand and the transformation that Koshiro had gone through was incredible. He looked like the nobleman he had become; back straight and a confident smile. Mimi had dressed him in a black suit with lavender lining. Heeled boots, a white shirt and a frilled cravat similar to Yamato's attire adorned Koshiro's body though the latter did not have a jewel centred in the cravat. lavender gloves covered his hands and on his head was a small tricorn hat with a violet rose placed in the centre.Sireniamon and Joe came after. Sireniamon had transformed Joe and helped him ascend to the heights of nobility. He wore a suit that was different to the other males of the group. Knee high boots were layered over grey stockings which went up Joe's legs and underneath a pair black shorts. A double breasted jacket was layered over a white blouse and tie, a pocket watch was looped through one of the button holes of the jacket and rested in Joe's front pocket. The jacket had ruffled cuffs, and gloves covered Joe's hands. A top hat was the final touch of the attire, though slightly smaller than a traditional top hat. Sireniamon had given Joe an androgynous outfit, almost bordering on feminine. Everyone noticed it, but didn't comment nor did they ask. Joe had no qualms wearing it as he held his head high and walked side by side with Sireniamon.She had plans for Joe, but they were her own plans.“I assume we are still awaiting the birthday girl?” Sireniamon asked once they reached the bottom of the stairs. She looked around at the gathered Digidestined, taking notice of Koshiro's attire the most and the transformation. She had them all. The eight were under her sway and there was nothing that could stop her. It was all coming to fruition, and Hikari's birthday was just the icing on the cake. It was the perfect opportunity to host a party to celebrate the success.Yamato answered, chuckling before doing so. “I would say that if she were anything like her brother then we would be waiting a long time. However Hikari is not like her brother. Whatever her reasons she may have for taking so long would be valid.” he explained with a smile, though he raised an eyebrow at the sight of the three figures who were descending the stairs.And what a sight they were.Taichi was leading both Takera and Hikari down the stairs towards the grand hall. He had a smile on his face. It was the smile of a brother that was proud of his little sister growing up. Proud that she had found someone to spend the rest of her life with. Proud of the fact that she was finally putting herself before others, as she was so often doing.Hikari was a vision of beauty in an off white floor length gown with long sleeves. The bodice had a high collar with a pink gem at the centre of the collar. The skirt was large and wide, roses had been sewn into the material to decorate it in various swirls and patterns. It was elaborate but for the birthday girl it was the perfect design. The braid that Hikari had worn her hair in had been pinned into an updo, a shimmering silver tiara with a pink gem inlaid was placed on top.Takera stepped down behind, a bright golden gown covering her frame. Her shoulders were exposed, full length gloves ran up her arms. Like Hikari's, the skirts of her gown were spread with the help of hoop skirts underneath. Her blonde hair had been styled into ringlets that fell down her back. She had a gold necklace on and a matching tiara in her hair. A warm smile was across Takera's face as she looked upon everyone in their finery.Those waiting for Hikari were in awe at the birthday girl. A lot of secrecy had gone into the chosen outfit and it was worth the wait. There was a round of applause from everyone and Hikari couldn't help but blush. Despite her brother's pride in the fact that Hikari was living up to her life as a noble and elevating herself above others, she was still quite willing to let those around her stay in the spotlight. She was happy to see others gain the attention. She dipped in a curtsey once she was at the bottom of the stairs, her response to the applause that those around her gave.“You must not fuss over me.” Hikari stated with a calm voice before she looked to Takera who stood by her side. Takera took Hikari's hand, giving it a gentle squeeze before leaning in and kissing Hikari on the cheek.“This is all for you Hikari. This is your birthday and we wanted to make it special.” Takera explained with a soft and calm voice. She and Hikari were different from the others. When speaking to one another or a member of their group, they did not use a haughty tone of voice. They saw themselves as equals. A haughty tone of voice was reserved for those who were beneath them. She offered the birthday girl her hand. Hikari gratefully accepted it before moving towards the doors. Sireniamon looked at them all, a warm maternal smile gracing her features. She was proud of them all. Of all they had done and what they would go on to do.“Tonight we show those assembled what we have become. You are all nobles of the Digital World. What's more, as members of my court and... well I believe you have become more to me, I grant you the titles of Prince and Princess all.” Sireniamon stated before gesturing to Joe and Taichi. She extended her hands, the two young gentlemen accepting them and standing by her side. “The three of us shall enter first. Mimi and Koshiro after, then Yamato and Sora and finally the birthday girl and her partner.” They lined up in order. It was like a scene from a period drama. The nobles and guests of honour entering a gala, seen by those within.The doors opened and from within the grand hall music was played.It had taken a lot of careful planning and effort; but the parents and family members of the Digidestined and their closest friends from across the globe had been brought to the Digital World for the birthday celebrations. Emails had been sent to those who could make it coordinates of where they had to go and how long it would take them were given out. Sireniamon had seen to them all during the day as they arrived, ensuring that they looked the part. Every guest wore a fine suit or a beautiful gown of various colours and styles. Gifts given to them by Sireniamon. Those that wore them would find themselves under Sireniamon's sway. It was all part of her plan to control both the Digital World, and the human world. The parents were already under her sway. Upon giving Mimi her powers, she had set to work influencing every person needed. Parents, and teachers had been turned towards Sireniamon's way of thoughts.Maschinenmon stood at the doors and introduced everyone as they entered; titles and all.“Her Majesty the Queen Sireniamon of Eloinan, and His Royal Highness Prince Taichi and Prince Joe.”The three stepped in perfect timing, moving towards the centre to the thunder of applause from all those before them. Sireniamon stopped and dipped in a curtsey, Taichi and Joe both bowed deeply before walking with Sireniamon towards the main table and standing before their allocated seats.“His Royal Highness Prince Koshiro, and Her Royal Highness Princess Mimi.”They followed suit and smiled, stopping at the centre and bowing and curtseying respectively.“His Royal Highness Prince Yamato and Her Royal Highness Princess Sora.”They stepped on through, and beyond the doors Hikari and Takera stood and awaited to be called, smiling to one another. “No regrets?” Hikari asked, knowing that some of the old TK was still in there.“None what so ever, my Princess.” She responded with a warm smile before leaning in and kissing Hikari on the lips. As she did, their names were called out.“Her Royal Highness Princess Hikari and Her Royal Highness Princess Takera.”It was the perfect way to celebrate a birthday, and would be done for every member of the Digidestined. They were royalty now. Granted the titles as a special gift from Sireniamon and made part of her kingdom. From nobility to royalty, it was a grand gesture and a great honour. They would help rule the kingdom.Hikari and Takera stepped inside and dipped in curtseys at the same time before rising and going towards the main table. The guests gathered around, their applause slowly dying down as Sireniamon gestured for calm. The music came to a stop around the same time that the applause did. “We are humbled by the fact that you have joined us tonight to celebrate Princess Hikari's birthday and the ascendancy of herself and her fellow Digidestined to the heights of royalty.” Sireniamon spoke and turned towards the Digidestined who sat in high back chairs and looked out to their friends and family. “And of course, this is but the first step towards ruling both the Digital World, and the human world.” Sireniamon clapped her hands. From the side of the grand hall doors were open and Tapirmon emerged each carrying trays of drinks. They moved amongst the crowd and once everyone had a goblet in hand.Sireniamon looked to the crowd and raised her own drink.“First to the future, and to the kingdom we shall build.” The toast was made, and everyone sipped at their drinks. Like Tai's transformation a few weeks before the drink was a mean's of controlling a person. When added to the garments the guests wore, the drinks helped deepen her control.“Second, and the most important toast of the night; to the birthday girl Princess Hikari. May she rule with grace, charm and elegance for all time.”“Here here!” The crowd chorused and finished their goblets of drink. With that, they were fully under Sireniamon's control.First this small group, and then the two worlds will follow.
Julie, l'ange de la Mort {SAMBRE d'Yslaire} by Astrogirl500
Lord of Friendship and Lady of Love [MC, TF]The garden courtyard echoed with the clink and clank of rapiers clashing against one another. In the evening sun two figures sparred against one another without pause. They did not sweat, for they were in peak physical fitness.Their bodies also did not produce sweat.One fighter was the Digimon Prisedefermon. Tall and well built, a white bodysuit covered it's body while it's head was covered with the mesh helmet of a fencer from the human world. Knee high boots and padded gloves completed the look for the Digimon. A single green eye looked out at it's opponent who struck and thrust, stepped back and did so again in an attempt to get through the Digimon's defence.The Digimon's opponent was Taichi. Although he didn't wear armour, Taichi still moved with the grace of a born swordsman. It had been five days since he, Kari and TK had been taken in and brainwashed and transformed into nobles of the Digital World. Of course, they no longer answered to their shortened names. Tai was Taichi, Kari was Hikari, and TK -who had gone through a major transformation- had become Takera. They had embraced their new lives, revelling in the fact that they had servants to wait on them hand and foot and had little to worry about in terms of chores while in the Digital World.Of course, the human world was a different matter. Thanks to Hikari's abilities being able to work in the human world, no one had batted an eyelid, especially for Takera's transformation. She had spoken to Nancy, influencing Takera's mother that this was better for Takera. That she was a beautiful young lady and should be treated as such, which included a wardrobe change and a shopping trip.There was still more to do though. There were people that needed to be brought into the fold, to embrace what they were due. It would happen. Sireniamon would ensure it happened. Patience was key. They could not rush it, otherwise the carefully laid out plan would crumble into nothing and all would be ruined. She vowed she would not let that happen.The only noises in the palace grounds of Eloinan were the clashing of rapiers carried by Taichi and Prisedefermon. The sun was shining above and there was a cool, pleasant breeze that occasionally passed through the grounds. As Taichi and Prisedefermon continued to spar, Hikari stood to one side, watching with a graceful smile. Of course she wasn't just watching. She was painting as well.Since her transformation into a noblewoman, Hikari had swapped her camera for a paint brush and canvas board. There were many changes that the three had gone through. Hikari now had a passion for painting. Whether she had an innate gift or where the transformation had given her the knowledge of how to capture a scene in paint was unknown, but in the five days since her transformation she had produced three portraits that were hanging in the grand hall. The first was of their Queen Sireniamon. The second and third were portraits of Taichi and Takera respectively. Both resplendent in their finest garments.Hikari couldn't help but smile at the changes they had gone through. Before, her brother would have only ever worn formal attire for occasions. Now he wore them everyday and even while in the human world he took great pride in his appearance.Hikari herself had purchased a number of new dresses, skirts and blouses. She wore her long pink skirt, white blouse and pink double breasted waistcoat at that point along with a pair of delicate gloves that she used to keep her hands clean of paint.Not that she needed them; since she took up painting Hikari had yet to have a single splash of paint land anywhere on her clothes.And then there was Takera. From male to female, and someone who had embraced the changes, Takera was a very beautiful girl. It was strange at first, and though she had yet to say the words out loud; Hikari still wanted to continue her relationship with Takera. Despite the changes in appearance and personality, Hikari loved Takera. She probably would for as long as they could. Pausing for a moment, Hikari wondered where Takera had gone. And she had yet to see Sireniamon as well. Her Queen was waiting to see the finished portrait of Taichi and Prisedefermon.Perhaps that was a good thing though; Hikari thought with a small smile. It gave her the opportunity to have the portrait finished and ready for the unveiling.-X-Sireniamon and Takera were on the other side of the manor, close to the front gates. They strode through the garden, walking the pathways between the well manicured grass and flower gardens that a small group of Floramon were tending to. Takera's long gown shimmered in the light; the golden thread was the perfect colour for the lady, and she carried a golden yellow parasol edged with white lace in both hands. Her appearance hadn't changed as much since her initial transformation, apart from the bows and ribbons that adorned Takera's hair, giving her a very cute look.“I must admit Lady Takera, I am curious to hear what could not be discussed in front of Lord Taichi and Lady Hikari.” Sireniamon mused with a smile on her face, her own gown flowing around her as they crossed the gravel paths. “It must be dreadfully important... or very secretive?” she asked in a playful tone. It caused Takera to blush and look away shyly, slowly nodding her head to the question.“Well... it is both. Well, it is important to me as this is something I wish to do for Hikari. In just over a week's time it is her birthday. I wish to do something special and was hoping to use the grand hall. Although we shall be doing something in the human world, I wish to host an event for Hikari in the grand hall. A meal to celebrate her birthday... with our friends. All of our friends.” Takera explained, and she had been nervous about suggesting it. She had feelings for Hikari and wanted their relationship to continue even with everything that has happened.For a moment Sireniamon was quiet, contemplating the request. Her eyes looked over the blonde haired noble girl as she smiled warmly before nodding. “I know that before the change you and Hikari were courting one another, Taichi told me so. I can see you still have feelings, but what if she doesn't feel the same?”It was an easy question to answer. It was a question Takera had asked herself many times since the change. “If she does not feel the same then I will not push her, or chase her. If that is her wish then Hikari and I will remain good friends. I have seen... well I know someone who has chased her constantly. I do not wish to be that type of person.” Takera answered, looking away for a moment. She felt Sireniamon's hand upon her shoulder and looked up at the taller Digimon who had a calming and caring smile on her face.“I have only known you for a brief time Takera but I can already see that you would never become that person. You were noble before the change, you just needed to have that nobility brought out.” Sireniamon was surprised when Takera wrapped her arms around her in a hug, but she smiled and returned it without a comment. They held it for a moment. When the hold ended, Sireniamon still had a warm smile. “Now, you'll have to tell me your ideas for Hikari's birthday, and I shall have you tell me of the person who persists on chasing Hikari in a vain attempt to court her.”-X-“I don't like it.” To the west of the manor, Matt looked on as he watched the Digimon and the blonde girl with the parasol walk away towards the main entrance of the manor. He stood behind the tree, ensuring that neither he, Gabumon, Sora or Biyomon were noticed. In the past five days they had noticed behaviour that wasn't quite normal with either Tai, Kari or TK. Especially TK. He and his younger brother used to talk all of the time and yet now there wasn't many opportunities to get a word in. He had become invested in... well new activities as their mother had claimed. TK had little interest in basketball now, and no one seemed to figure out why the sudden lack of interest. He was the school's best player and there seemed to be no logical reason as to why TK would up and quit like that. “This is where Izzy had said they came to but I can't see any of them.”Sora, who had been watching her boyfriend, was worried about him. He seemed obsessed with whatever had happened to TK and the others. Sure, Tai suddenly caring about his appearance was odd, but people did grow up. And although she didn't show it that often, it wasn't uncommon for Kari to wear a Lolita ensemble once in a while. Even Sora did from time to time and no one was really bothered by that fact. “Matt, you need to cool it. Maybe they came here, passed through and left. They might not have been able to message us for one reason or another. Tai's admitted it many times in the past that he often forgets to charge up D-terminal.”“But TK and Kari? Both keep theirs charged up whenever they need to.” Matt responded without turning away. “As I said, I don't like it.”“What if we go and speak to them?” Biyomon suggested, standing to Sora's side and looking at the manor. “There'd be no harm in asking whether or not the three have passed on through, right?”It was a good point, and Sora was about to agree before she stopped. What sounded like a twig snapping behind them caused her to turn around. “Matt...” Eventually all three of them turned around and they looked upon a stranger.“I must ask you to come with me,” the bronze Digimon that stood before gazed at the group moving from one to another. “Queen Sireniamon has been waiting to meet with you. She also requests that you do not snoop around her property.”“Property?” Matt asked, looking at the Digimon before reaching for his Digivice. “This is the Digital World, it's not owned...”“These lands are under the ownership of the Queen Sireniamon. This is the land of Eloinan and under the control of herself and of the nobles that rule alongside her.” He interrupted before raising a hand and sweeping it to one side. The clearing slowly erupted as Mekanorimon and Guardromon emerged, seemingly out of nowhere before turning towards the interlopers. “Now I must ask that you come with me.”“Gabumon, get ready.”“I'm ready Matt...”“Guys wait,” Sora hissed the words, looking around. She was worried. There was no way they could fight against this many Digimon and they had no idea what sort of power the Digimon before them had. It reminded her of Andromon but with less flesh and more metal and gears showing. Not to mention the steam that erupted periodically out of the Digimon's back. “We came here looking for answers. If we fight, we'll loose. You know it Matt.”For a moment the only sounds were the rustling of leaves and hiss of steam coming from the unknown Digimon's pipes at the back. Eventually Matt sighed and nodded. “Okay.” Matt nodded before looking to the unknown Digimon. “You're fortunate. Weregarurumon would have made short work of you.”“Of that I have no doubt. Your prowess and exploits are legendary.” The Digimon spoke, surprising the four of them. Matt and Sora turned to one another, unsure of what to make of the comment. “Eloinan only stands because you helped defeat the many dangers that have arisen in the Digital World.”“Wait, you know who we are?” Biyomon was incredulous. “Yet you still attacked us?”At that the Digimon made a noise which sounded as if he were chuckling before shaking his head. “With respect, we did not attack you. I must apologise though. When I first saw you skulking around the forest I mistook you for thieves, hoping to try and steal one of the many treasures within. It wasn't until I heard your name Matt that I realised you were indeed two of the Digidestined that helped save the world.” With a snap of his fingers, the Digimon dismissed the Mekanorimon and Guardromon. When they were gone, he dropped into a theatrical bow. “Allow me to introduce myself; I am Maschinenmon. Guardian of Eloinan and confidant and trusted servant of the Lady Sireniamon, Leader of Eloinan.”“And who is Sireniamon?” Sora asked.“Other than the queen and leader of our city,” Maschinenmon gestured to the manor with his hand. “she is a Digimon who is very interested in meeting you. She hopes to meet all the Digidestined.”“Has she seen our friends? Three of our group have been in this area the past week, often.” Gabumon asked. The Digimon nodded his head in agreement. “We have indeed. If you'll follow me...”Matt was hesitant to trust the Digimon. Conveniantly realising who they were, telling them that TK, Tai and Kari had been to the city, and then there was Sireniamon, who apparently wanted to meet them. It felt like a trap. He was about to say something when he felt Sora take his hand. She looked at him, before slowly giving a nod of her head. She wanted to go it appeared. And it made sense. If the three were in the manor then they'd find them and figure out what has caused the change of each of them over the past five days. He took a deep breath before returning the nod. “I guess we're going.” He said after a moment. With that decided, Maschinenmon lead the four from the woods and towards the manor.-X-In the rear garden of the manor where Taichi had sparred with Prisedefermon, a table had been prepared for the nobles. Tai sat with Sireniamon, Hikari and Takera. They were sipping tea, a tray of cakes sitting on the table before them and they were enjoying the company. The canvas and easel had been taken away for the moment, stored within Hikari's personal chambers in the manor. Takera and Sireniamon had spoken in depth about the coming party plans as well as the nuisance that had troubled Hikari about going on a date. Plans were made, though they were not shared with the others. Especially the personal plans between Takera and Sireniamon.For the moment, they were talking about their early days in the Digital World and the Dark Masters. Takera was explaining the details of how she had tricked Puppetmon and caused chaos in his own house. Not a very ladylike thing to do, as Sireniamon said, but Takera pointed out she was a different person back then. And that there was some satisfaction that came from the act.“Puppetmon had made fools of us that time, I felt that compensation was due. The pile of rotting timber harmed my friends and I could not sit idly by and let it continue.”“You were quite brave and I must admit, you did more than I would have been able to do.” Hikari complimented the blonde before smiling and finishing off her tea. “I would have probably been trapped in his playroom.”“I expect it wasn't a very good playroom either. Nothing of fancy, no finery at all.” Sireniamon mused, and the other three chuckled at the comment before Takera nodded her head in agreement. She looked to her companions and smiled, enjoying the company. She turned at the sound of crunching gravel, looking over to see Maschinenmon approach, accompanying four others. Takera had a beaming smile on her face at the sight of the newcomers before turning to Sireniamon. “Apologies my lady, but it would be rude of me not to greet the guests.”The others had turned to the group approaching. Seeing that it was Matt, Sora and their Digimon partners who came towards them. Sireniamon stepped up, and Taichi and Hikari followed a moment later. They stepped in front of the table, watching as Takera went to greet the four of them.“Good afternoon big brother!” Takera called out, waving as she walked towards them. The confusion on their faces was evident at the sight of the blonde haired girl in the fancy dress walking towards them. Taichi and Hikari were easily recognisable, despite the longer hair that Hikari now sported. “Welcome to Eloinan, I was wondering when you would arrive.”“I'm... I'm sorry but who are you?” Matt asked. He looked at the young lady, the blonde hair and yellow dress were a mystery to him. He had never seen the girl in his life and yet she acted as if they knew one another. Takera stopped, thinking before realising that she was in a completely different form. She giggled before nodding her head.Dipping in a curtsey, Takera smiled and looked at Matt. “Of course, this is the first time you've seen me since last weekend.” Takera stated, referring to the time when she was male. “I came over and you cooked that spicy beef dish.”“TK?” The penny dropped, and both Matt and Sora stared in shock at the sight of the girl. She used to be TK. When Matt had spoken to his mother, she had mentioned that TK had changed his hobbies. She never mentioned that he was a she. That was impossible. “How... how is it that you're a girl?” Matt was in shock. In his hand he gripped his digivice. He didn't like it. He didn't like any of this. He turned towards Tai and Kari, shaking his head. “You let this happen?”Neither commented, they merely grinned and watched as Sireniamon step forward. “It was through my power that Takera has found her true form. The same as Taichi and Hikari. All three have found nobility in their new lives. They are better this way and certainly far happier with their lives.” All three were nodding their heads.“I felt that I owed the Digital World everything, but nothing could have been further from the truth, Yamato. The Digital World owes us, and the nobility and titles that Lady Sireniamon have given us certainly start.”“You're not thinking straight Tai, this isn't you!”“Oh but it is. And you'd enjoy it Yamato. You just have to embrace it.”“I've had enough.” Matt glared at Sireniamon, thinking about what has happened. He shook his head. “Digivolve Gabumon. If you take down Sireniamon we'll have them back, I'm sure of it.” His Digivice glowing, Gabumon charged forward and in a flash of light he was Garurumon. Another flash of light appeared and Garurumon and become Weregarurumon. The werewolf Digimon lunged forward, charging for Sireniamon with claws out. A bronze blur flashed from behind Sireniamon, colliding with Weregarurumon like a missile. It slammed into the digimon, causing the two to crash across the lawns, digging furroughs in the mud and ruining the well maintained lawns.Both Digimon were on their feet and ready. Unknown to all but Sireniamon, Maschinenmon was an ultimate level Digimon and more than a match for Weregarurumon. The two charged one another again and started brawling. Claws slashed against metal. Fur was shredded as Maschinenmon's hands started to spin, resembling the drill heads that could cut through rock. They cut through Weregarurumon's defences without resistance. Back and forth, the two Digimon traded blows. Both were thrown across the gardens, destroying the hardwork put in by the Floramon.Standing to the side, watching the fight, Sireniamon tutted before shaking her head. She eyed Sora before stepping over towards the girl. She wasn't interested in the fight. It would soon be over and they could go back to enjoying the rest of the afternoon in peace. Weregarurumon had thrown Maschinenmon over his head and slammed the Digimon into the ground, continuously punching him to the point that Maschinenmon was lying in a crater.“I think it's time we end this charade, don't you Sora?” She asked the girl as soon as Sireniamon was close enough. Sora nodded her head. Her eyes started to glow red.No one had noticed it, but during the fight Biyomon had reverted back to her in-training form Yokomon and like the three Digimon before her, had become a keychain that dangled from Sora's hand.The girl sighed and stepped forward. Weregarurumon had kicked Maschinenmon away from him and the mechanical Digimon had skidded across the grass, destroying the last few patches of green grass. The lawns were nothing more than churned mud and dirt. Sora walked across the ground and placed herself in front of Maschinenmon and Weregarurumon. Much to the dismay of both Matt and Weregarurumon. “Sora get out of the way!” Matt called out, and the girl shook her head.Letting out a sigh, Sora's red eyes were fixed on Matt. “I think it's time I got rid of this ridiculous outfit. It should be a crime to force people to wear these ridiculous uniforms.” There was a flash of red and the green serafuku Sora wore as part of her school uniform was gone. In it's place was a red and black floor length gown with a high necked bodice. Red was the primary colour of the gown, with black lace detailing on the edging of the bodice and in ruffled satin that ran across the edging of the skirt's layers. She wore detached sleeves in a matching colour, underneath she wore black satin gloves. Her hair lengthened ever so slightly and curled at the ends. It had more volume and a miniature black top-hat with a red rose was one decoration amongst many including a necklace that settled around her neck and a bracelet that had Yokomon's keychain.“Do you not think she looks so much better in this form Yamato? More beautiful?” Sireniamon asked with a grin on her face as she walked over to join the young lady.Matt was about to speak, but there was a loud bang as a missile was launched from Maschinenmon's arm. It hit Weregarurumon square in the chest. With the ultimate Digimon distracted, he was unable to defend himself from the full force of the attack. Weregarurumon reverted back to his in-training form. Tsunomon was out cold and Matt rushed to his partner's side, scooping him up in his arms and uncaring if his own uniform was covered in dirt. “You... you're with her, Sora?” he asked, trying to get his head around the sight.“Sora has been with me for a while, isn't that right my dear?”“It is, Lady Sireniamon.” Sora answered before she walked across the dirt, coming closer towards her boyfriend. “You will join us Yamato, there is no escaping it. There is power to be had here. We all have new gifts, powers, abilities. How do you think the world is unaware that Takera used to be a male? Hikari has abilities that allow her to effect the minds of others. Taichi has the power to teleport himself with but a thought. Takera... well Takera has strength of character. She can influence groups of people with her charming personality.” Sora explained before she cupped Matt's chin. Her eyes were glowing red. “And my power is that I can command any member of the opposite sex to do whatever I want.” She grinned before leaning forward and she kissed Matt on the lips. Her powers took hold of his mind and Sora was in control. When she broke the kiss, Sora moved her head and whispered in his ear. A few words were spoken and Matt nodded his head before stepping away. He walked towards Sireniamon and knelt before her, head to the ground.“I give myself to you, Lady Sireniamon. I am yours.”“And rise, Lord Yamato, rise and join the others. Take your place within my court.” With her middle finger she tapped beneath Matt's chin and had him get up onto his feet. Her influence flowed into Matt's mind, twisting his thoughts. Like Taichi, Matt's mind was flooded with thoughts of nobility, being a gentleman, fencing and sword fighting. Duty was an important part of his life; duty to his sister and his companions, duty to Eloinan and above all, duty to Sireniamon. Yamato's eyes were closed as this happened. He opened them and with glowing blue eyes, he placed his arm across his chest.“My Lady, I apologise for my earlier behaviour.”“There is no need to apologise Yamato. What's done is done and it is good that you have joined us.” Sireniamon responded before noticing the mud across his clothing, she tutted before chuckling. “Sora, Takera, take Yamato inside and have him in attire appropriate for his position as Lord of Eloinan. When you are done, meet us in the throne room. We can discuss our future plans.”-X-Standing tall and proud in his new attire, Yamato had been dressed by a very excited and eager Takera. Sora had stood, watching with a smile as her boyfriend was dressed from head to toe in a fine suit. The jacket was a tailcoat with white epaulets on the shoulders and silver lining. The trousers were knee length which lead to black stockings and buckled black shoes with a slight heel. A white blouse with a high neck ruffled collar and a blue ribbon tie. Black gloves on his hand, one resting on the pommel of a basket hilt sabre and his neatly combed blonde hair was topped with a small black and blue top hat.Sireniamon sat upon her throne, looking at the group before her and smiled happily. She had five of her new lords and ladies, one who had yet to enter the kingdom, and two more who were yet to see the beauty of being a Noble.Taichi stood to her right, Yamato to her left. Sora stood alongside Yamato and Hikari and Takera stood alongside Taichi. Soon she would have all of the Digidestined. Her plans for the future were slowly taking place. “Lord Yamato has joined us,” Sireniamon smiled and looked to the finely dressed Lord. “and soon everyone will be part of our court. In eight days time we shall be celebrating Lady Hikari's birthday. The last of our court shall join us on that evening, and then we will be ready to focus on our futures.” Sireniamon stated, which was met with applause from the five gathered nobles.A Tapirmon came from the doors with trays of drinks in their hands. When everyone had a drink in hand, Sireniamon raised hers up before smiling.“To our future, and the future of Eloinan!”
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