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Current Age: 17;
Current Residence: United States
Favourite genre of music: Pretty much anything
Favourite photographer: tomjhyde
Favourite style of art: Traditonal and digital
Operating System: Windows Vista, XP
MP3 player of choice: My phone.
Shell of choice: A koopa shell!
Wallpaper of choice: Anthing that interests me
Skin of choice: That fuzzy stuff so many people like...what was it again?
Favourite cartoon character: What, again? Y'know what, I'm not doing this.
Personal Quote: Ya want some 'a this? Come get some!

Favourite Visual Artist
Too many to list now...
Favourite Movies
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Just don't go there, alright?
Favourite Writers
Getting to be too many now too...
Favourite Games
...I really don't do favorites, alright?!
Favourite Gaming Platform
Wii, PS3 (There, happy now?)
Tools of the Trade
My wild and vivid imagination...and whatever I can get my hands on.
Other Interests
Video Games, anime, music...
06:33:19 PM  I wonder why anyone would still live in Emerald Town o-o 06:33:25 PM  Thats what i'm saying 06:33:28 PM  This shiz happens on a regular basis 06:33:33 PM  I'd hate to be the insurance broker of the area 06:33:37 PM  Lose millions a day 06:37:39 PM  Rose: It's kinda like Townsville 06:38:03 PM  Rose: No matter how badly destroyed the place is, it's always back to normal next episode 06:38:03 PM  ... 06:38:07 PM  great 06:38:09 PM  c: 06:38:17 PM  now I'm picturing them as powerpuff girls 06:38:20 PM  thanks Jin 06:38:22 PM  XD 06:38:26 PM  Powerpuff girl karma 06:38:27 PM  Huh. 06:38:33 PM  OH GOD WHY
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11:44:33 PM  Blackrose841, VulcanHedgehog, Vi0l3ta, Hedgehogger, edward-chans-girl: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bz8DOG7DCHQ 11:44:54 PM  ... 11:44:56 PM  c: 11:44:56 PM  I've been,.. 11:44:58 PM  oh my god 11:45:05 PM  2jin: you didnt 11:45:05 PM  higurashisako: [link] 11:45:10 PM  Panda-Girl: I did c: 11:45:14 PM  Meirell would probably hug you harder than I could high-five you 11:45:25 PM  ... 11:45:26 PM  is that venus? 11:45:27 PM  I.. 11:45:36 PM  SailorQuaoar: no >> 11:45:37 PM  SailorQuaoar: no 11:45:38 PM  lol venus wants you to suck her..dick..? 11:45:40 PM  SailorQuaoar: that's Aona 11:45:43 PM  am I missing somet
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10:18:45 PM  Brownies. 10:18:58 PM * Blackrose841 eats Brown 10:18:59 PM  Chris-Rock: Brownie. 10:19:09 PM  Hedgehogger: :D 10:19:21 PM ** DAROTHEHEDGEHOG has left [timed out] 10:19:59 PM  2jin: everyone wants to eat Brownie 10:20:11 PM  OM NOM NOM 10:20:26 PM  Chris-Rock: lol she has no clue 10:20:39 PM  2jin: She thinks Brownie is a mere Sandvich 10:20:43 PM  XD 10:20:53 PM  Pot brownies? 10:21:08 PM  nope 10:21:23 PM  Rose: Uh...notice that he said "everyone wants to eat Brownie," not "everyone wants to eat a Brownie". 10:21:51 PM * 2jin waits 10:21:59 PM  And implying that Brown would be himself when normal, the -ie suffix i
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Happppppy birthday!

hoyl shit you fuckin replied oh my fucking god OH MY GOD AHHHHH :iconshakedogplz:
would you rather i just not then
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