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The Clown Princes of Hollywood by 2gredvisions The Clown Princes of Hollywood :icon2gredvisions:2gredvisions 26 6 Envy Meets Ashley W (thedragonlover95) by 2gredvisions Envy Meets Ashley W (thedragonlover95) :icon2gredvisions:2gredvisions 12 17 Poison Ivy by 2gredvisions Poison Ivy :icon2gredvisions:2gredvisions 24 0 Hogwarts Meets Looney Tunes by 2gredvisions Hogwarts Meets Looney Tunes :icon2gredvisions:2gredvisions 16 55 Riddler's Rage by 2gredvisions Riddler's Rage :icon2gredvisions:2gredvisions 20 0 Riddle Me This, Heads Or Tails? by 2gredvisions Riddle Me This, Heads Or Tails? :icon2gredvisions:2gredvisions 19 2 To The Rescue by 2gredvisions To The Rescue :icon2gredvisions:2gredvisions 18 21 Don't Cry, Daddy by 2gredvisions Don't Cry, Daddy :icon2gredvisions:2gredvisions 6 2 Pauline by 2gredvisions Pauline :icon2gredvisions:2gredvisions 87 10 Hidden Truths by 2gredvisions Hidden Truths :icon2gredvisions:2gredvisions 29 9 Swooning Over Doctors by 2gredvisions Swooning Over Doctors :icon2gredvisions:2gredvisions 16 2 Nightwing and Batgirl by 2gredvisions Nightwing and Batgirl :icon2gredvisions:2gredvisions 14 0 Spacial Hair by 2gredvisions Spacial Hair :icon2gredvisions:2gredvisions 3 0 Laughter Among Beaumonts by 2gredvisions Laughter Among Beaumonts :icon2gredvisions:2gredvisions 31 12 Setting Off by 2gredvisions Setting Off :icon2gredvisions:2gredvisions 14 12 Destiny Unbound by 2gredvisions Destiny Unbound :icon2gredvisions:2gredvisions 15 2


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The Clown Princes of Hollywood
This drawing is a request made by frostbite883, who actually asked me to do this via my Tumblr page. This request was enjoyable to do as it involved me having to draw the three iconic, live action portrayals of The Clown Prince of Crime himself. The Joker. The drawing includes (from right to left) Cesar Romero who played Joker in the live action Batman TV series from the '60s, Jack Nicholson who played Joker in the '89 Batman film, and Heath Ledger who played Joker in The Dark Knight film (2008). Each actor portrayed Joker in different aspects of his character; Romero portrayed Joker the clown, Nicholson portrayed Joker the gangster/sociopath, and Ledger portrayed Joker the anarchist. I've seen various other pics that had this same idea, so I guess this is my version of it. I made sure that each Joker carried one of his significant weapons, such as his shock buzzer (Romero), his acidic flower (Nicholson), and a sharp knife (Ledger). Hope you guys like it!

Link to frostbite883's Tumblr page:

The Joker is a character owned and created by DC Comics. Heath Ledger Joker was televised by Chistopher Nolan, Wally Pfister, Lee Smith, Legendary Pictures, and Syncopy. Jack Nicholson Joker was televised by Tim Burton, Roger Pratt, Ray Lovejoy, Guber-Peters Company. Both were also televised by Warner Bros. Pictures. Cesar Romero Joker was televised by William Dozier, Lorenzo Semple Jr., Greenway Productions, 20th Century Fox Television, Warner Bros. Television Distribution. 
Envy Meets Ashley W (thedragonlover95)
This is a request made by thedragonlover95 (Ashley), link:…, where I was asked to draw Ashley herself with Envy from Fullmetal Alchemist. I don't normally draw pictures of characters with fans, but I was willing to make this one exception. As you can tell that from the image, given his character, Envy's confused, uncomfortable, and slightly bothered by the fact that he's standing closely with another person who greatly likes him. He doesn't know what to make of the situation as this is sorta something he's never encountered before. Ashley herself is doing the best she can to make this picture work for him while showing him that there are people that do care about the Homunculus. In regards to Ashley's design, I basically used some of her own drawings with her in it as inspiration for her look. As requested for the sake of this pic, I gave Ashley her pointy ears. Hope you guys like this rare spectacle!

Links to thedragonlover95 pics with Ashley:

Envy is a character created and owned by Hiromu Arakawa & Viz Media, and was televised by Tokyo Broadcasting System, Bones Studio, Funimation, JNN, & Adult Swim.
Poison Ivy
Here's a picture of Pamela Lillian Isley a.k.a. Poison Ivy from the Batman franchise. She's one of my favorite Batman villain/ess, due to the fact that her methods and intentions are both good but too immoral (in regards to humanity). In all honesty, all Ivy wants to do is protect and care for plant-life, but the literal extremes she'll go into doing so is very grim. She's an extreme eco-terrorist who punishes those who threaten nature and would even consider murder as means to do it. Ivy's often been referred to as being insane due to her putting the welfare of plants before the welfare of people, which is ironic due to her once being human herself. Educated from her past human life, Poison Ivy uses her knowledge of botany and chemistry to strengthen her plants and exterminate humanity in any way possible. Since her accident, Ivy was given the power to control and communicate with plants, manipulate pheromones, and kill others with a deadly poisonous kiss. With these abilities at her disposal, Poison Ivy continues to be a grave bane to not only Batman and Gotham City, but mankind as well. She's also one of the few villains Batman has faced who is a meta-human.

Just for the sake of her character, I decided to surround Ivy with vines, and tinted the black and white drawing green. 

Poison Ivy is a character owned and created by DC Comics, and this version was televised by Warner Bros. Studios.
Hogwarts Meets Looney Tunes
This drawing is a request made by derkman (Joel Geronimo), link:, where we have ourselves an interesting crossover. The request involved having Harry James Potter from the Harry Potter franchise and Bugs Bunny from the Looney Tunes franchise meeting up with one another wearing the Hogwarts standard uniform. This was an intriguing pic to draw as I've never imagined drawing two extremely different franchises like these two in one scenario before. I do enjoy drawing crossovers and I have often drawn characters in the same or in separate art style(s), but characters like these two from completely different medias are an interesting mixture to experiment on. I decided to draw Harry and Bugs in different art styles in order to portray that same idea of how worlds apart they are from each other, and of course for the fun of it as well. Speaking of which, just out of interest, I decided to add Harry's pet owl Hedwig and Tweety into this drawing as well in order to double encounter in this scenario. Hope you guys like it!

Harry Potter and Hedwig are characters owned and created by J.K. Rowling, and were televised by Chris Columbus, Alfonso Cuarón, Mike Newell, David Yates, Warner Bros. Pictures, Heyday Films, and 1492 Pictures. Bugs Bunny and Tweety are characters owned and created by Ben Hardaway, Bob Clampett, Fritz Freleng, Chuck Jones, Bob Givens, etc., and this version of the characters were televised by Warner Bros. Animation, Inc. and Cartoon Network.
Riddler's Rage
Due to my knowledge of his scorn towards Batman, I decided to draw a pic of The Riddler being both vexed and spiteful over his intellectual arch-nemesis for constantly being a bane to his existence. Seeing how he constantly proclaims himself as being superior to everyone else, it would make sense that Riddler would greatly despise Batman for being capable of not only defeating him, but also outsmarting him. Despite his obvious disdain for the dark knight, Riddler does sometimes admit that Batman is his only intellectual equal, which often prompts him to constantly challenge the caped crusader to solve his most hardest riddles and puzzles. Though, as you would imagine, it has given him lots of frustrations and migraines whenever Batman does get the upper hand on him, driving him into insanity. But thanks to his persistent narcissism and predilection for riddles, Edward Nygma doesn't give up that easily. Hope you guys enjoy!

The Riddler is a character owned and created by DC Comics.
Hey everybody! Just wanted to point this out just to help with my drawing skills or strengthen myself within this site. If anyone would like to ask any requests or commissions they'd like me to do, please do say so by commenting in the main page of my deviant page. I'll also be happy to hear of any requests from comments made for some of my artwork, but that depends if I'll be skimming to them from time time. Know that my greatest strength is drawing characters in pencil, so here's a list of things I can't draw under certain requests:
- Landscapes
- Digital Art
- Items
- Real Life Portraits
So, please don't expect much from me....
*ahem!* Anyway, I'm alright with drawing things in color or in pen. And it's plainly obvious that I'm great at drawing requests of cartoon/anime characters, so feel free to ask. If you also want to ask me to do requests or commissions of (maybe) real people or characters you made personally in my own style, go right ahead and ask. Don't worry about ownership of your drawings/characters, I don't believe in theft, what's yours is yours. Hope you guys take this into consideration!

Don't have too much high expectations of me answering your requests. It depends on whether or not I'll be able to hear of them due to me being either busy or unable to access a technological device at the time.


Giovanni Gutierrez
Artist | Hobbyist | Other
United States
Hi, the name's Giovanni Gutierrez, or GG, Gio, or Boba for short. In this realm though, I go by 2gredvisions. I plan to showcase my drawings here and hope you all enjoy what I draw/drew. Mind that the bases of my art style is usually simple hand drawn artworks or sketches. Also, most of what I draw usually depict illustrations I imagine in my noggin or mostly fanart of other social medias such as anima/manga. So please don't sue me or believe that I'm stealing these depictions or characters and claiming them for myself. I'm not that kind of person. Seeing how some drawings I made have content that doesn't originate from me, think of them as commisions or just plain fanart. Hope you guys enjoy! Comment, like, and view my drawings as much as you like. :)


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