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Tattooflash Stars Shadings

Tattooflash Stars with Nautic stars and soft shadings
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HP pst3100
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Jun 29, 2007, 2:53:19 PM
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HI, my little sister just turned 18 and wanted me to create a tattoo for her, she wanted her initials in flowers or stars, and I started searching for ideas and found your work here :heart: I used your stars for mega assistance designing her piece. The tattoo artist is doing the work today (can't wait to see it) and said he had to change some things due to shrinking the image (changing details etc) but I wanted to share with you what your work inspired! Please check it out [link] :)
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okay..... but this is really no Tattoo design. Sorry but it`s an good Idea and I hope the artist make a design of it!!!!!!! really important like the letterings... this is not possible for the tattoo...... all looks like a stamp....... hope she had really a good artist. much luck of it
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that's why I rearranged the stars, added a few different ones, then colored the image in 2 sold colors :) She got it done this morning, turned out lovely :) her artist was able to make it work. Thank you again for the inspiration!
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okay.... sounds really good...... so hope it is!!!! thanks
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this is a blurry phone pic of the ink, taken right before she covered it up (or right after she took the gauze off) but anywho... the image of her tattoo [link]
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/\love your work!
2Face-Tattoo's avatar
Thanks for your praise!!! :):)
qbman's avatar
anytime! hope i can use some of ur art one day!
2Face-Tattoo's avatar
If you change the design, it's no problem!!! Greetz
qbman's avatar
i would never change a thing they are perfect!
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well done, i like it a lot !
Nice work! I would like to use this for my Sims 2 skin, ok?
2Face-Tattoo's avatar
not a copy of the design. you can use it as an idea. have to change some details. thanks
PeppermintFrog's avatar
I just looove your stars!!!
Great inspiration...Makes me want to go one step further :)
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I really like your work.
I hope you don't mind me going through and faving a few.
I'll even watch ya'.
Cheers mate!
2Face-Tattoo's avatar
Okay. Thankxxx. CU
i like this's simple and interesting at the same time....
no was a night well wated look at everyone's stuff and yours caught my good on ya!
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