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Stars Skull Arm Tattoo

Stars Skull Cherry Blossom`s Arm Tattoo
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Great job!
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featured your amazing piece [link]
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OWWWWW Elbow HURTS! But sweet tat!
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for my client yes but a lot of fun for me:)
So Fucking Nice!

I'm Looking 4 A Tattoo to put my sons name in it and i think i'm gonna do it like this not the same but this is the design or something like this.

It's Great!!
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Thanks, really nice of you... Yes, it is a good idea but please change it... Don't use the same!!!

No i wont

It's Just The Idea I Like The Shape and i just want to use the concept not the same as this one!!

But i like the tattoo it's great!!
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Thanks!!! Have a nice day
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linda tattoo!
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the twirl on the elbow reminds me of the one that Kat von d has on her elbow!I like it!I think it's the most perfect tattoo for an elbow!
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looks pretty okay ;) .... the only thing that disturbs me are those rough outlines ... but otherwise its good hob in the shasowing tehcnique!
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Now it becomes ridiculously. This motive is new School (fat outlines) NO realistic.
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ouch, that must have hurted like hell...a tat on the elbow :o but it was worth the pain :aww: I hope :)
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I just :love: it like all of your tattoos = )

Keep the good work : )
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great thanks for the praise!!!
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wow amazing. i love skulls, stars and jap cherry blossoms. gonna have a tattoo including them soon
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thankxxx and much luck for your tat
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yet another piece with stars and swirls that i have fallen in love with.

i havee similar swirls but have yet to get my stars....cant wait!
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