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Stars Flower Butterflies Color

Stars Flower Butterflies Color Tattoo Design
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This is so beautiful! ^_^ Nice work! :heart:
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Love this pattern
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I'm looking for something like this as a wrap around leg/foot tat, just wondering if you do commissions?
what flowers are these?
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Oh my god, this is fantastic!! <3
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dont worry its not gonna be the same..
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this is gonna be my next tattoo..i love it..
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thanks but not a copy you have to change a lot of details
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Dear 2Face-Tattoo,

I really like your work and I was wondering whether it would be okay if I used this motif as a basis for a tattoo in memory of my late daughter. This motif combines so many things that I associate with my daughter: stars –because she is a starchild now-, the butterflies representing her delicateness and rebirth und the flowers for her beauty.
I would not use it exactly the way it is but rather use it as an inspiration and make some changes.

I’m looking forward to your reply.

Kind regards
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okay and thanks... you can use it as an idea but you have to change details... thanks
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Thanks for the compliment!!! :):) Have a nice day...
I love this design and the colours. I'm looking for tattoo designs like the one in my head and this is getting close. Is it ok to copy part of this design and add in something new?
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no 1:1 copy!!! You can use it for an idea but you have to change a lot of details. thanks
no no i will use it as inspiration don't worry. I have good ideas in my head but i can't draw!
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okay much luck by the drawing:)
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wow I love it, it's awesome
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