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Aug 23, 2007, 5:32:13 PM
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In Greece and Egypt, the lily flower was used to symbolize fertility. Wink/Razz Wink/Razz  As such, it was mostly drawn by the women that were expecting to have a child. ;) (Wink) ;) (Wink)  Some also applied it a way of blessing their fertility. This was common for the barren women. =P (Razz)…
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beautiful flower tattoos!
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as much as artists are sick of doing this tattoo (a few summers ago i can't even tell you how many variations of this I have done!!), but simple repeat tattoos like this really are the bread and butter of walk-in clientele! We can't always do the crazy shit we wanna do, not all of us are Roman Abrego where we can strictly do one style and have people travel from all over the world for that one specific style!  Perhaps one day, :P
so many assholes have brought this image in to the shop.. wanting the exact same thing
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Did you authorize world paper to use this as an advertisement? I found it on amazon for temporary tattoos (make your own).
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this link goes to this pic on a website through google same belly button...I really don't think you did this, its to exact from the other pic
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okay must add - either you stole this or like 50 other people - have ...
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My mum just finished this tattoo
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Finished getting this tattoo
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I would like to know the name of the artist that did this piece, If its yours, this was published in a local Houston magazine under some other dudes name......not cool.
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just so you know he's lying - its the exact same belly button ring
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yes thanks for the informations... is a old one from me think 2008.... but all over the world 10000000 copies of it..... yes this sucks
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love this one <3 !
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Hi Sorry about this but a new Tattooist has opened in Montrose (Scotland) but they have started a Facebook page and are using your image as their Banner

They are displaying it as though it is one of theirs, just thought you would like to know.

I have a couple of sleeves myself so i hate it when some else tries to take credit (cool tattoo by the way and love your work)

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ohhh great thanks. is a old work and I don`t know how much people stolen it...... but is is a fucking shit to use it and show my work and tell the people is his work. shit for the customer...... okay i post is on his page and also I wrote a mail to fb. great thanks and take care
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This is flipping gorgeous, especially the long strokes coming through the stars! I love it so much!! :squee:
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