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Flower Climb Tattoo Design

By 2Face-Tattoo
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Flower Tattoo Design
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I love the flower
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Hello my name is Alex and I am the owner of a very prominent tattoo chain
in the South Florida area called Salvation Tattoo Lounge.

My team and I discovered your artwork on here and thought that you were
very talented. I'm not sure if you're interested in tattooing but our
company is the main sponsor for a tattoo school called The Master Tattoo
Institute. We sponsor scholarships that cover a large part of your tuition
that helps students pay for school to become professional tattoo artists.
Furthermore we hire the top student graduates from the school into our
shops. Below I listed some of the details for you to look over.

- 4-6 week courses
- Housing is available for out of town students
- Tattoo Artists earn an average of $150 per hour
- No obligation to stay and work for the company once the training is

If this sounds interesting to you and would like to have a discussion
please let me know and we can set up a time to talk. If nothing else I
thank you for your time and wish you a wonderful career.

Alex Zarfati
Salvation Tattoo Lounge
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Hey quick question I have a client that brought me this design and asked to tattoo it so I am asking for permission to use it before I move forward.

i like you design can you design one tattoo design using below three word?


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This is so beautiful! I would like to get this on my shoulder when I'm older!
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such a sweet design!
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I really like this
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you have great talent i wish i could draw like that
Awesome design
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i love how most of them curl
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this is pretty
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Very pretty! Would you be upset if I used this to help me draw flowers. Like a ref. This one would make a great one for the kind of flower I am looking for. Its for my character's Hair.
This is a really awesome drawing. I was wondering if I could use this kinda as a reference for a tattoo I was planning on getting. I was gonna change the lily to a rose but I really like the vines and was thinking of keeping those or something like that.
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Wow this is really beautiful :D
Do you take request for tattoo designs?? :D
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Hi there :) This lily is exactly what I have been looking for as a reference for my tattoo.. Would you mind if I used it as the base for my design? Thanks heaps :)
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Very beautiful wonderful motion throughout the design and this looks perfect as just this in black in white or I could imagine in color, wonderful work!
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What type of flowers are these? i would not use your design but i would like to know for reference for a possible tattoo of mine im looking for a flower for
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Top quality :) faved. Great design!
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thanks but this is a really old one
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Woah, I really like your work!
I was wonderign if I could use it for practicing purposes, nothing commercial. Just redraw it, use it as a tattoo on other drawing. If I like the result I would upload it and credit you ofcourse. Thanks
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