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Blue gecko Tattoo

blue gecko Tattoo
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that is cool 3d blue gecko tattoo 
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This is so gorgeous
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Wow so cool 3D tattoo . I looked early good ideas and found only this mad… .Your lizard looks elegant and style.  I have also tattoo lizard in tribal style 
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I had a dream last night that I had a bunch of tattoos on my ankles and this was one of them. So random. Ha ha.
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One mighty awesome tat!
That is jumpin!
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I can only hope to get something as realistic as that when I get my tattoos. Good work I absolutely love it.
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Its looks so real man,you find a good Tattooartist...!
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Gosh, I'd think I was stepping on one all the time XD
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Schöne Arbeit *thumb up*
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that there is time and money well spent!
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That's beautiful
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awesome work
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Really awesome, I love it! :)
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Dang! Its truly amazing.
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OMG! That's amazing! :jawdrop: When I saw the thumbnail I thought it was a real gecko. Truly amazing work. :heart:
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that is soo so so awesome
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