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Blossom kanji Tattoo Design

Cherry Blossom kanji Tattoo Design
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what is write?
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The first character is 安 and second one is 迪.
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I would love to slap this somewhere on my back once I reach the age. I love cherry blossoms.
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what do the chinese symbols mean 

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those kanji's means cherry blossom?
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hey, I did my own version of the drawing and uploaded it to facebook, i gave you full credit for the original, please check it out and let me know if you want me to take it down [link]
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okay sorry but I can`t see it. thanks
It is a name call Andy
But it just show it in Chinese
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thanks for the translation
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what does those kanjis mean? :)
I am getting a tattoo in September, may I use your design? I am also using two symbol'd kanji phrases and this fits it PERFECTLY.
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this is beautiful ure very talented :)
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Ooh, what does it say?
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I don`t know... so you have to ask my customer:)
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