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Big Eye Skull look Tattoo

Big Eye Skull look Tattoo
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kokot dreveny plechom obyty...NAUC SA KEROVAT CURAKU!!!!!!!!
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nice! reminds me of the MC Escher drawing!
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sickest tat i've ever seeeen
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beautiful, reminds me of one of mc escher's work
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yes it is thanks
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sweet i have that on my wall!!
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looks good ...
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thats sick man
i love it.
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youre very welcome!
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I have a lot of questions for you(you're not obligate to answer at all of them,and you're not even obligate to answer me back...but it'd be nice :))

So first, how can you do shading with ink?(When I'm doing a work in ink I can't do shading)
second,isn't it scary when your doing tattoos, your not scared about messing up the whole drawing/inking?
third, how did you became a tattooist, was it hard?

That was all :) ...thx for reading :aww:
You're a really awesome tattooist( sorry if it isn't the good word :s) and that you're a big inspiration, you are doing awesome work and your good a it :)
(btw, sorry for the 2 minutes of your life I made you lose by reading this message but when i love a person's work i like to tell them)
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not scared:)
yes it is a long hard way.....
and shadings are learning by doing:)
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Yeah!! Thx for replying :aww: And thx for the answers of my existential questions :)
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I like very much eye tattoo ,this week made a eye at me and anyway I would like to see it to you with your opinion.but is not finish . do not have to search each other, I do not see the time come for learn and and I want an artwork to your of course if you agree
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