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Angel Wings Cover Tattoo

Good Bad Angel Wings Tattoo Cover up
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Beautiful cover up! Love the actual placement of the wings, too!
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were you smoking meth when you got the first tattoo? at least someone was able to fix it.
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 this is wonderful, it's a beautiful peace of work
Only.... it looks painful.... did it hurt?
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simply beautiful! i love the detailing and i love the way it curves on your shoulders.
aliensrpeople's avatar
I want thisssss now
2Face-Tattoo's avatar
okay but think a copy is not nice:)
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Really well done
anyway you could help me come up with a cover for mine its in the same spot as this one no one will help me!!!
2Face-Tattoo's avatar
okay, write a mail to
with all informations and a pic of the old one

so i can look what is to do
but for a design it`s not for free
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LOVE... shopping for something very similar... how much did this one cost?
2Face-Tattoo's avatar
lot of fun for me and pain for my client...... thanks but don`t speake about money
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Wow, impressive cover up, I must say, amazing work!
2Face-Tattoo's avatar
Thanks for the praise!!! :):) Greetz
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Well Deserved! Great Work, The Old Tribal looks like what my man has and wants re-done, I Love it.... Not sure if he will, but clearly what you've done with it is amazing, coloring too.
2Face-Tattoo's avatar
Thanks for the compliment!!! Maybe you can talk to him and you will see what happens... :):)

deanabean6's avatar
Oh believe me we've got a few ideas, I just have a small frame and I'm VERY particular, so I want a Sexy ink girl (, on my left side, it's the webcam pic on my profile, but she needs legs. Since I have a tat on my right side, and he thought he wanted a tribal of sorts to cover his existing tat, we both agreed... something different would be so much more original and hotter! Besides, we wanted to get a tattoo together, besides the obvious I just mentioned so who
Thank you, I will mention and show pic of your work, Have a wonderful day!
Keep up your Deviant~ness! lol
2Face-Tattoo's avatar
Thanks again and I hope you will find a way to get a tattoo together... Greetz and good luck for your plan!!! :)

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I don't understand why people take those kind of bulky tribal things... Thank god there's people like you to fix them.
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