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One of my favourite birthday memories as a kid was the birthday I got Sonic CD. Sounds sad, I know, but as a 7 or 8 year old it was the most important thing in my life at the time.

Before the days of unboxing videos on YouTube, my parents did a great job with boxing up my Sonic CD. It’s all I wanted for my birthday so I shredded through all the obvious CD-sized items to find it… Looking depressed but trying to be grateful to my parents by putting on a weak smile, I had one giant box left to open. I’m sure you get where I’m going with this. I really was an ungrateful shit as didn’t care whatever it was, but when I got to the bottom and found Sonic CD I was ecstatic …and probably foaming at the mouth a little.

Anyway, I love Sonic CD. Not just for the unboxing magic, but it is actually a fantastic game. One of my favourite Sonic games by far. This was a quick sketch for the Sega Blog’s competition. I’m assuming I didn’t win (shame), so I’m posting it up anyway.

It’s Sonic mid-dimension as he moves between the time zones. I remember thinking that whole idea and the effect for the transition was really strong. But not as strong as the awesome special stages – Those were simply brilliant.
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I love the movement and the color in this, Sonic really looks like he's having a (Sonic) Blast!

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Beautiful and cool rendering of Sonic transiting between time zones.  The little sparks, wind currents, and rays of light emphasize Sonic's speed during the transit.  Awesome job.
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I love this lil' guy ^^
1ByteRak's avatar
Well damn. :+fav:, :+devwatch:, and :groups:!
Naxal710's avatar
Look at this lil' guy go! this is beautiful!!!
MyhLoka's avatar
Yout paintning made this pic get so shiny. Good work!!
Hoseki-Danzu's avatar
I love the colours you used here, very nicely done! :aww:
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Thank you! I'm really glad you like it - especially the colours as I wanted to get them just right! And a hello from a fellow Brit Sonic fan :)
Hoseki-Danzu's avatar
You're welcome :aww:
Haha hello too :D
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ooooooh! so cute~ good work~
Kurodjinn's avatar
Traditional art, yeah! :)
Deputed's avatar
Dont forget the Toot Toot ^_^
Yamizuh's avatar
OMG!!!! so beautiful art *-*
BUGHS-22's avatar
Great! Beautiful!
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I loved the style and the animations.  And the PAL version music.  Man I wish they'd make a game that looked like the cartoon intro!
I have a soft spot for this game but I can't get past the clumsy level design, easy and obscure boss fights, and annoying special stages.  There I said it.  Sorry to poop on your nostalgia.  The time travelling element was cool 
2dforever's avatar
Yeah, have to agree on the bad boss designs. They're all pretty weird! But I like most of the slower-paced level designs... apart from Wacky Workbench.
therealarien's avatar
Yeah it's a different feel as a whole.  More exploration less speed.  I suppose that fits when the goal is to find and destroy that machine thing to get a good ending
2dforever's avatar
All that aside though, I wanted the game for 2 reasons: the animated intro and the awesome special stages. Wasn't disappointed!
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I have no words on how beautiful this is. I don't comment on just anything.
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I'm honoured by your comment. Thanks for taking the time :)
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