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To celebrate the PS3 coming out everywhere apart from us PAL users who have to wait an additional 8 months or so, I've done a Metal Gear Solid 4 (MGS4) themed picture. Everyone has made their fun of Snake being an old man already, but I thought I would focus on his transformation into an old man... quickly.

It started as a quick joke which would have speech bubbles included, but I started colouring and went into some detail, so thought I would keep it clean. I went into detail I wouldn't normally bother with in my colouring, so it's nice for that. As usual you can't see them all from here. I was also going to make something about the Metal Gears that 'Moo' at you - funny, yet kind of scary.

I really like the picture of Snake in the first panel. It's based upon the simple shapes which were used in the original Metal Gear Solid - he had a very triangular face. If anyone wants that as a seperate picture then I can work into it for sure.
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