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Fierce Deity


I’ve been meaning to draw the Fierce Deity version of Link for a looong time.

This is depicting a scene from Majora’s Mask – quite possibly the strangest and darkest Zelda game ever. I’ve actually never played it myself, but was glued watching my friend play through it when it was released. Totally fell in love with the Fierce Deity incarnation of Link as it turns you from a boy into overpowered god.

Originally I was going to make this a lot darker, focusing on the more distressing mask equipping cut-scene that plays every time, but decided to go for a more magical scene. Mostly because that cut-scene still gives me the creeps.

I also took some liberties with the mask to look more mask-like, and less like a decapitated head. Gotta love those N64 models.

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Oh nice! Very similar idea it seems.

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Honestly, I feared it was stolen.