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This was created for an online magazine, Play.d

I've been doing illustrations for them and this month they asked for a Dreamcast cover! Being a big fan of all Dreamcast and Sega, I loved every second of it.
Seeing the final picture I wish I did a few things differently such as the sizes of the background characters (Ryu is way too small) but happy with the outcome.

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Germany really loves the Dreamcast, have you seen how many indie devs have made games for the thing?
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In the UK it was a Blue Swirl.
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That was for all of Europe, thanks to one German company having a similar orange swirl for their logo! I'm in the UK, but I've always preferred the orange swirl
robowil's avatar
I am from the US, and although I like the orange swirl, I've never played a Dreamcast game before. Let alone used one, as I was born a year (2002) after the Dreamcast was discontinued (2001). I know they put Sonic Adventure on the GameCube and since I have the Wii (the original model) I may get it.
TheS-Alleyway's avatar
Cries* Muh childhood...
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The system that made SEGA awesome before they started to suck. Yeah, much as I hate to say it, SEGA sucks now. The only cool game series from SEGA today is the 'Project Diva' series and that's it. SEGA got rid of most of their Dreamcast games and even stopped making new games of the Dreamcast series. They're focusing waaay too much on Sonic these days.
2dforever's avatar
I agree, I'm pretty sure they're busy making money in ways other than mainstream games... which is a shame, but I can't blame them. Oh well, I'll just keep playing the classics :)
KidKaiserX's avatar
Ah, the nostalgia, i remember playing titles such as Sonic Adventure, Sonic Adventure 2, Jet Set Radio, Phantasy Star Online, and Chu Chu Rocket when i was 6, those were the days...
What about Samba de Amigo?
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I wanted to include it, but the magazine wanted a separate one for him:
Samba Carnival by 2dforever
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Read the description for the Dreamcast pic!
No need to get excited.
GamerGuy094's avatar
My childhood! Many memories of this system and games. First one I played was Sonic Adventure I got as a Christmas present in '99.
HarleyMoon9692's avatar
OMG!! Days spent at Nana's house playing Sonic, Rayman, etc. on the Dreamcast as a child. Good times. Frikkin Good Times Monkey love 
MarioySonicComix's avatar
i love the spin yeaa Dreamcast
WishExpedition23's avatar
I remember that! My sisters and I used to play Sonic Adventures 1&2, Sonic Shuffle, and Crazy Taxi 2! :D
SPIRITRAY76's avatar
the dreamcast gave me happiness. 
Ploobin's avatar
Hey what about the amazing 10/10 way ahead of its time "HEY YOU! PIKACHU" i mean clearly that is what even sold the dreamcast, one billion copies sold in texas i mean gosh im gonna have to report this
Visitor257's avatar
What are you talking about? I'm sorry but your post made no sense.
KDaddy463's avatar
Fuck yeah, Power Stone!
AnimeDreamer91's avatar
This is really awesome i love the dreamcast^^
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