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iPhone Wallpaper

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here's an iphone wallpaper. You can download here:

1280x800 [link]

1680x1050 [link]

1920x1200 [link]
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Very good photo. I have an iPhone 3gs, the last one with this kind of shape. I don't want to replace it! It has been such a great phone. 
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beautiful (:
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Beautiful photo... Beautiful phone... :)
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i have an iphone it rocks
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drzergProfessional Digital Artist
It is great, but i think there is something wrong with dof, it looks like focus is in one dot, but focus has to be like line, but i cant see that line here.
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nice photo :D
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Wow, Nice job. But if you had made a glass effect on the screen, it wuld be the best!
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antoniopratas Interface Designer
it's a really great model, but I believe there's an error on the model, there's no physical button below the screen, it's just like a little hole and the button is the surface itself. the way you made it looks like a joystick, but nevertheless great model and render.
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2createmediaProfessional Digital Artist
Thanks for the comment, only had the a few shots to work with at the time, didn't add the speakers or doc connector properly either. Might be a good reason to get an iphone but that would be the only reason honest :)
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antoniopratas Interface Designer
btw you're wallpaper it's at my laptop desktop right now :)

lol suuure =p I'm getting mine next month and I'm really anxious to get it. Already tried an iPod Touch and damn, that UI its sweet.
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Neat!:) I'm thinking of buting one of these, but does anyone know what that little button under the screen is?:)
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I like it alot... I wish I was rich enough to get an iPhone but I only have a quarter and some lint in my pockets. I heard that the iPhone had a lot of kinks in it everyone so don't get one just yet! My uncle got one and it kept doing some weird things. I think he's trying to get a refund...

Your good at advertising ( <-- Spelled that wrong...) You tried getting a job doing that?
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amoooonProfessional General Artist
good work :clap:
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DethanolHobbyist General Artist
Very well done, I happen to like the dof.
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jsk1610 Digital Artist
Oh crap my iPhone model sucks compared to yours!
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WON-DER-FUL !!! I love it (acutally I love the iPhone) cause this is a completely new view of it !!!
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ape-designs Interface Designer
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Awsome render this one. I like the dof you have on this. It's an option that could go either way, but with this I feel it's working well. Also like the hdr you have on it. Not sure you know but this is showing up on another website.
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frankzzswordStudent Photographer
very nice job, you will get job at apple product design team if you keep doing such awesome work
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DriftsHobbyist Digital Artist
hey man!! thanks for sharing this!! I love it very nice work!!
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nice 3d work , i want the real one when it arrives =)
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2createmediaProfessional Digital Artist
There seems to be a mix of people that are either for or against narrow DOF. I had the same crit from the other ipod [link] I quite like the effect to take away the rigidity (and possible floors) of the image
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I'm feelin' the blur, I've taken some shots wit a short DOF that came out that way and personally I liked them. Nice render, I am wondering what HDRI you are using. Maybe you could email it to me as it can be hard to find good ones.
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2createmediaProfessional Digital Artist
Actually I used the first decent image from google images searching on 'office' large images as an enviromental map (not very hardcore of me). Would quite like to start going out and capturing my own hdr images as some point.
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