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Titanfall 2 box cover pano

By 2buiArt
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It was utmost rewarded to work on the box cover/keyart for TIT 2. This key art is the largest dimension that I ever work on: 28,412 X 15,844! (for building size printing) While it was great honor to work on this, it also comes with negative side of endless iterations, because.....it's keyart. 
The main theme that we, Respawn Entertainment tried to capture in this keyart is the bond between the Titan and Pilot, along withfrenetic actions and epic scale environment. That is the game theme, so we try to convey that through this keyart. 
This is a team effort, Mark Grigsby provided the model posed. The characters were provided by our awesome Char modelers, I took care of 
the rest.
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probably the best game ive ever played
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<3 and cheers!
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This game deserved game of the year a lot more than Overwatch
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Indeed, btw, amazing artwork!
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Jmc9955 Has copied this picture. 
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thanks for defending me. But it's OK, I dont feel offended by it. Imitation is a form of flattery :)
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amazing work man!!! love it!!
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AMAZING, ..... Beautiful Done ! ! !

Applaud fella (Reactions) 
Standing Ovation, ..... BRAVO ! ! !
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I absolutely love the game, and this is a fantastic representation of it, well done! Amazing work.
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oh thanks man, im glad u enjoy the game!
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It is THE best :)
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incredible work...  2D in motion... well done.
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That's one of the coolest, flashiest, detailed art pieces I've seen, and it wasn't even something that you did because of passion, you did it as a job, incredible. Insanely good work!
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