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Swampland - Temple Area

By 2buiArt
Titanfall DLC map concept.
Some of the concepts in Titanfall are done by multiple people (iteration and iteration) The
Temple's concept done by Jim Oxford. I then iterate on it by adding in surrounding and giving it vegetation taking over and such.
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This is absolutely stunning. Would it be okay to use this as inspiration for my new story? I am creating a new world and part of that is an island that seems to be in ruins but actually is the home of a mystic civilization. Thanks :) 
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thanks, and yeah, my honor for u to use it as inspiration for your story
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Stunning creation :)
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Gorgeous.  Sad that its just a Titanfall map.  It should have a story behind this beautiful ruin.
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oh there is a story, it just never got across to the audience
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I speculate that the backstory of this temple, the other temple and the ruins in Swampland have the same civilisation, even though they are on different planets. Wait, did Respawn introduce a spacefairing race that is now extinct?
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Love all the details. It looks so pretty. Keep being awesome, the world needs more art like this. :)
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mna...its almost like you want to walk here... :D
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Beautiful lighting. Very well done!
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Can't help but be reminded of Shangri La from Uncharted 2.

On that note, until I understand how you digital painters can execute such mind blowing detail into your pieces, I will be in awe.
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I cant say that Shangri La did not influence this =D, uncharted 2 is a beautiful game!
Yes, once you know the process of how we paint things, the magic will dissipate =)
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might just be the swampy foreground that reminds me of this rather cool cgi movie concept:
but this temple is also very impressive 
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that movie concept is really well done!
ScottMan2th's avatar's another one that is also pretty awesome:…
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that's pretty cool
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thought so myself 
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Relaxing to look at!
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