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November 13, 2016
Space Warp Machine Day by 2buiArt
Featured by cosmicbound
Suggested by gdpr-16812140
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Space Warp Machine Day

This was originally design as a massive space warp machine for large ships and such. The structure is colossal in size and so heavy that it needs  massive support structure. Since it is massive and it's a space warp machine, it will need tremendous amount of energy to run. Also it needs to sits really high so ship can warp in/out without hitting anything. So the IMC carve out mountains, built the machine on top of it, and channel straight down to the planets' core to get energy to run this baby. (at lease that's the story I made up when designing this structure.)
Then the story change and this giant machine turn into Fold Weapon (planetary annihilation weapon).
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why do i get the titan fall vibe from this lol

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because it is from Titanfall

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This looks a lot like art for a game called The Cycle, especially the trees. This kind of design is stellar!

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Wonderful,love the concept..

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Spectacular details and perfect lighting. You are one of the masters of such arts.

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thank you for your kind words
Im no masters, I still have soooo much to learn.
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You are welcome. I made this my wallpaper if it is not OK I can delete it.
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Awwww.....what an illustration, great Clap 
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I founded this picture in a compilation of Two step from hell in youtube and always been impressed by the picture ( and the music (El Dorado))….
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<3 and cheers!
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Simply breathtaking - an outstanding piece of art! Great lighting and scene setup. One can feel the height. The alien vegetation is a great contribution to the scene.
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thanks =D <3 one of my fav
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This picture is outstanding. I found this picture during a web search. And since then it is my wallpaper on the computer. But only now I found it here on deviantart and now I know who made this great picture. :D
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wallpaper <3333
This is a great work of art. The idea behind this first appeared years ago in Larry Niven's novel, A World Out of Time. Great forgotten book. Give it a read sometime. -Z
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thanks for the suggestion =)
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why not build it in orbit of a star or gas giant and harness the energy of its parent body therefor negating the need to worry about the interference of a thick atmo0sphere or strong gravity well?
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good one =D
the machine was built on the planet for easier access for the work area
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