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Death Bringer

it comes and knock on your door with a smile face
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look awesome. new style of death =) \m/
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death is very abstracted to me =)
you should do a light bringer good collison
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Way underrated, people are getting thousands of favorites for their quick 30 minute fox sketches that all look the same, and this has barely any views... Anyway nice job this has incredible style.
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there are millions of user on devianart. I'm like one of the sand within the Sahara desert.
Anyhow, thanks mate.
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I can't even start to tell you how much I like this.

Awesome work here bud.
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thought u might like. Similar to your art, abstract style.
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One of the teachers at my school (the Art Institute of Dallas) just put up some of your work on the walls in the hallways... good stuff!!
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nice, I will do a workshop there next quarter. I will have the info display in the AID hallway later. swing by if you are free.
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awesome, sounds cool.
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This sinister 'son of a bitch' can come-a-knockin' anytime, this is sooo bad ass :headbang:
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This sinister 'son of a bitch' made me shit on pants when I draw him
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This images are staggering!
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fascinating piece of art. how long did it take ?
2buiArt's avatar
prob 6 hours
Aerozopher's avatar
okay.. a lot of importing textures and cutting stuff right? :)
2buiArt's avatar
Texture brushes and duplications of shapes on the painting.
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This just tapped into my core.
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awesome, I hope it stays, haha,,, ( =) )
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