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Why are you hurting yourself? :icon2bsilver:2bsilver 0 1
I'm Yours Tribute
I've been spendin way too long thinking at the mirror,
With a puzzled face just to see who I'm clearer,
But my breath fogged up the glass,
So I drew a new face and I laughed,
I guess no matter how long or much you ponder,
You'll never know who you are and just wander,
The best way is to be, the one who is the true me,
And I wish I could find myself more, if not,
Ill just make up my own, take a shot
:icon2bsilver:2bsilver 0 0
Why do you stare?
Why do you look at me, like im a fool,
Why do you stare at me, like im your tool,
Im not your slave, i feel betrayed.
Im not here to save you,
I can not wait till freedom,
comes to my kingdom,
Why do you stare, when im not there,
I hate you so much, I want you to leave,
But I feel so lost, when you are away,
Come back to the stage, life is but a play,
Why is the simple, alway so strange?
:icon2bsilver:2bsilver 0 1
Mature content
Uncertainty... :icon2bsilver:2bsilver 0 1
The way life flows with time.
Tick tock, tick tock, round the clock spins,
Once the tick comes, the tock comes in,
Will time find a path that life will flow thin,
When that moment passes you will think,
New thoughts blossem as you will link,
Together the thoughts of life and death,
The beauty to live simply in longevity,
But sadly pleasantries dont last eternally,
The flow of life will break eventually,
But before that comes, Please just for fun,
Enjoy your short reality, Make it last ceaselessly,
Have a life worth your while,
Good enough to make you smile,
A memory that will that will pass,
Yet that memory will last,
:icon2bsilver:2bsilver 0 0
Beating Clock
The human heart is a mysterious beating clock,
It points you to a direction you never think to walk,
But when you do so wander, see what you find,
Something more than you thought in your mind,
It blows you away like the spring wind,
It winds you up and spins to no end,
And when you’re done all you see,
Is happiness and glee,
How long will this last this joyous sight,
It will be gone soon like it’s in flight,
I don’t know and don’t care how this will end,
Because we all know what’s at the end,
All that left in death is the memories of life,
That will ride within your soul to the other side.
:icon2bsilver:2bsilver 0 2
Dream Girl
Body of the devil face of an angel,
Smile hanging smirking at my pleasure,
Stream lined beauty born not made,
Scent of pleasure and lust embrace me,
Alluring scent and vision, Irresistible,
I'm all too vulnerable, Weak, Pale,
Succubus alike enchantment seems drain life,
Too beautiful for words, So divine,
I can only write what I felt,
But Ill try,
The lust her body brings heat up like a thousand suns,
Piercing radiance and heat stab at your heart like arrows of love,
Pleasure brews like the hottest lava flowing from her veins,
Heat evaporates off her crimson skin leaving a shine,
Glinting more beautiful than diamonds coats,
Her hair thick and dark like a sea of tainted silk,
So soft and elegant, So soothe and graceful,
Her innocence of heart lights up her face with the smile of a goddess,
Her beauty surpasses that of Aphrodite goddess of divine love and beauty,
Her innocence true, Her love pure, Gentle, Caring, Loving,
This here is a girl any man would die for,
Love perfect image of a
:icon2bsilver:2bsilver 0 4
2-I am We, We am I, We are One
Worlds apart we are set,
Existence vague yet vivid,
We live among the same world,
Same land, Same air,
Same time, Same space,
Yet What keeps us away from one another,
Our minds alike yet so different,
We where born the same yet differ,
Homo Sapians is we,
Yet we don't conform with one another,
Thus is the Perfectus Paradoxis,
I am different to myself,
Two sides both true to me,
Both defined in existence harmonious to one another,
One more harsh the other more soft,
One more True the other more false,
Two soul share the one body,
Two Sides share one mind,
We could be so corrupt yet so conscientious,
This is the genesis to a divine duet,
Like sun and the moon as one,
Like Water and fire converging,
We find uniqueness with myself,
We are one and whole, We are I.
:icon2bsilver:2bsilver 1 3
The Human Heart and Emotion
The human heart a flask of twisted emotions,
Feelings so foul it poisons the very land we live,
Ambitions creeping upon thine lands of mother earth,
Raping it of its tender goodness it grew through centuries,
Our gluttonous, Malicious behavior has ravaged all,
Leaving the Gaea of lands naked and bare,
Wounded she stands, A gory smile hanging on her face,
We move as corruptive venom devouring our utopia,
We shall end in apocalypse with bare in lands of dust,
The world shalt die for humankind's sake,
Our greed has defiled the great mother of all,
We will pay for our sins in the land of the dead,
Let Greed be cleansed from us upon death,
Where we shall be one with the great mother once again.
:icon2bsilver:2bsilver 0 2
Words of ending life.
The words from her lips pierced my soul,
As fast as the speed of sound could let it ride,
It ridden to my earlobes and understanding dawned,
But as fast as morning came dusk set with no pity,
Sadness flowed from the wounded heart to my veins,
The utter depression sank deep as a knife to my eyes,
Tears of crimson flowed from them,
And from the wounds of my heart crystal clear liquid bleed from it,
The once golden heart radiating of light and joy cries,
Now given to thine darkness poisoned by scars,
The heart rots away as it bleeds dry of tears,
And my eyes wither away from the bloody tears leaking from sadness,
My soul lifts leaving a lifeless cage humans call a corpse,
The spirit finally free flowing to wander the nether world,
What they called death was the freedom I seek,
Set free from the prison of pain, blood and hate,
Death from sadness struck me with the swiftness of the plauge,
May I rest in peace.
:icon2bsilver:2bsilver 0 3


Replica by RhysGriffiths Replica :iconrhysgriffiths:RhysGriffiths 5,091 375 1810 - Beauty in Inches II by Battledress
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