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Oxygen final

UPDATE 08/10 .

Oxygen final .

This is the final, thanks one more time to Sergiogarcia [link]

The VS is compatible for all WIN 7.

Dont forget to use Uxthemepatcher first before applying the visual style.

You must install the font in the rar files and will find an Explorerframe for x86 and explorer.exe (start orb) + Explorerframe for x64.

Wall is Explode from Gnome look

Dock icons [link]

Icons [link]

Start orb [link] modded by me

Enjoy all .
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where could i find the bottom dock. Could you give me  the dock's name???
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thank you so much
how do i install this?
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take a look here [link] a punk...did you see the themes he stoled and posted ...then he disables comments so nobody can thrash him...what a LOSER....By the way...nice theme 2befree...i love it ...looks great,keep up the good work.
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Yeah don't know why people do that , his nick means a lot .
Thanks for the compliment ;)
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i have a little bug when using the final...
mine is windows 7 64 bit...but overall this visual styles is awesome...
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Me too
My system is Windows 7 32but
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Ah ok I see that your program list is maybe a bit longer than mine.
So I didnt see that in test (if I have time I will take a look or make something for that ), anyway thanks for the compliment. ;)
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Looks good man, nice work :D
2befree's avatar
Thank you dude ;) .
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Go and buy an Apple,m8--that´s what you really want
2befree's avatar
You are racist ,Apple + Windows = Good Union so go away .
merlinsteffen's avatar
too Apple like for my taste,sorry--like Windows more-
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Great, finally someone with the x64 explorer :D
Seahorsepip's avatar
Nice but amount of bugs in not writable in numbers......XD
If you need help with bugs send me a pm ;)
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Cool looking visual style, but there are a few things that make it unusable for me, such as the start menu jumplists. The text is black and unreadable, and the word "recent" is way too high at the top of the start menu (placeslistextended). It's way out of alignment. Clicking once on items in windows explorer highlights the icon with a dark selection rectangle. This makes the icon's text very hard to read since it's black as well. It's not an issue for desktop icons since the text is white.

bgjerlowdesigns's avatar
Start menu margins and colors are fixed in the beta 4 ;)
webtrance's avatar
Much better! Only one request to make the close button match the min/restore buttons. Not necessarily the shape, but I think it would look better without the 1px white border around it. The other buttons don't have the border, so I believe this edit would match up the buttons better. No hurry though...looks sweet! ;)
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Thanks for the suggestions and compliment :)
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