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Claro for WINDOWS 8 and 8.1

:star: 04/23/14 Update files

:new: 03/06/14 Add a blue diagonal version after some request.

This is my second VS for Windows 8 & 8.1 compatible x86 & x64.

* Please read these instructions *

1- You must use the patch from

2- Extract the theme to your hard drive * windows system resources themes (* is hard drive name )

3- If you want to use the start menu like Windows 7 go to…

Done and enjoy ;).


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solcias perros xd
hey didnt know how to download the theme
doesn't work, just recolors the default 8.1 theme. I have UXTheme Multi-Patcher downloaded and Stardock. UXstyle hits an error everytime I try to install
I installed but the folder's appearance remain unchanged. need to get it as shown above.. pls help
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Clean Beautiful theme
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thanks . it looks very cool
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"You must the pacth from"
huh "pacth" can you correct it please
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Cool Visual Styles! Thank you!
as a fan of minimalism, I love all the simplicity in PC world :)
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how to get this taskbar look ?
How did you get your taskbar to look like that. Mines still looks like a regular windows 8.1 taskbar??
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Taskbar using with start8
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Please I'm only new to computer world. 
I came from a computer illiterate community. I don't understand the instructions. Please guide me details by details. thanks!
wich hard drive?theme is very nice
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Hi 2beefree,
Both windows on the screenshot show a transparent border and a shadow, which are not present in my stock Win8.1-Update1 installation. Do you use some additional software (i. e. Aeroglass) for the transparency?
Concerning the shadow I know, that it can be done within the theme without any tools (see "Elune" by "neiio").
Could you please add some shadow here?
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This theme looks cool (haven't install yet but intending to) but is there any chance it can get a variant with blue diagonal line instead of red
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I will do if more people ask anyway thank you ;)
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