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May 7, 2017
Turin and Glaurung by 2Bdubious is an incredible traditional painting with an amazing amount of detail and sense of scale.
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Turin and Glaurung

Oils on Masonite
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This is the best artwork of the moment of Glaurung's downfall I've seen Oops!  the desperate twisting of Turin and the dragon really strikes a cord, you get the sense from this art how hard-won that death blow was for Turin. 
The story of Turin is not among my absolute favorites but with your art, you have made me love this battle. Thank you! 
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Folk like you keep the old stories alive. This is absolutely amazing work and my all time favourite rendering of this scene. Excellent work with all the details and the epic movement captured here. The writhing of the worm and the strength and fury in Turin's blow are palpable. The stark contrast of the rushing silver river running against the dull earth tones is a beautiful balance point to the entire piece. Smashing work.
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Wow, that's quite the compliment!  Many thanks.
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Youre welcome. No problem. 
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These are the most beautiful, articulate paintings I've ever sedn
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By far this is the best creation of the epic battle of Túrin and Glaurung even captured on canvas. I can clearly see this work being placed on a future cover edition of Beren and Lúthien. JT
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Propably the most beautiful dragon I have ever saw. And I like dragons A LOT. I love this kind of composition, when the background is as much an important part of the drawing than the subject.
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Holy SHIT. This is incredible! The detail, everything. Can't believe I haven't seen your work until now.
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<3 __ <3 Such art very beauty!
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Who is the lucky whom god chose to kill the real dragon?!


Wow, absolutely AMAZING!
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Thanks for all the nice comments!  To be honest I was never satisfied with the composition, and since I had no reference at all it seems a little cartoony to me!
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This is just beautiful. I think the lack of reference just made the scene that much more dynamic, the action is palpable. Some times, excesive realism locks the pose up, just a little exageration in movement and proportions makes the whole picture follow the perspective of the drawing better. This was a wonderful job, you can be proud.
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Thanks. I don't know if I'll ever be happy with it though.
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Beautiful! And the details are amazing

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This is such a fantastic scene you show us here (but it hurts me, as a huge dragon fan, to see that this knight kills the dragon ^^;).
The details in here are amazing, the scene just powerful. It looks super epic! And also congratulations for the very well deserved DD :D
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It's okay tho because Glaurung is an asshole.
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This is really crazy! :0 The most detailed traditional picture I've ever seen! Good job!
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Super amazing art!!!

Bunny Emoji-77 (Melting) [V4] 
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Simply stunning! Beautiful textures. A captivating subject. 
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