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Hmmm.. Lightning is a little Top

I lie the shady and stuff in what you did, it looks like you are really talented, definitely a better sketch artist than I, but I think you made her TOO SEXY, Lightning is very delicate character, a female Cloud, complicated and not this "playful" as you place her. lol

Also, you are missing a background, I put put something in the back ground like Gran Pluse, that's just my thoughts on it. this would work if it was Fang, I think better than it would be with Lightning. Good Job Though, Ok!
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mastercybertron Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2014
Shes top heavy... for lightning. But to be fair, the contest did say that you can re-imagine her ... "means changing Lightning's look, body, apparel, weapons, or other accessories and anything else" ...anything. TBH, it its kinda sexy, but not because of the boobs. Boobs does not equal sexy! Sexy equals sexy! Its the position, and the cleavage and stuff. Just having bigger boobs does not make you more of a sexual being.

My honest opinion...its a good drawing, but it doesn't quiet scream lightning to me. Maybe she is serious sometimes, and sometimes she can be sexy; one of her ingame costumes has her in a very, very tiny skirt. But, i just dont get anything that connects me with the character. Its almost like a little too much of her core essence has been changed. It almost reminds me of a redo of the tomb raider character.

Anyway, that my pov. Take it with a grain of salt.
ZeroFoxFaceless Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2014  Professional Traditional Artist
Thank you! 
I like drawing sexy ladies, I can't help it ;)
I always found Lightning more boyish than some of the men in Final Fantasy so given the chance to customise her I couldn't resist sexing her up a bit.

Thank you again for the Review!
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