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the pendulum swings by 291 the pendulum swings :icon291:291 27 0 from the abyss by CatchMe-22 by 291 from the abyss by CatchMe-22 :icon291:291 16 0 Hitchcock 05 by sinlizzie by 291 Hitchcock 05 by sinlizzie :icon291:291 9 0 Quiet Morning by CBJJBC by 291 Quiet Morning by CBJJBC :icon291:291 20 0 Street bw by eightsimplerules by 291 Street bw by eightsimplerules :icon291:291 7 0 10 to 4 .. by oblaky by 291 10 to 4 .. by oblaky :icon291:291 8 0 held by guost by 291 held by guost :icon291:291 9 0 He who cannot see the light by 291 He who cannot see the light :icon291:291 5 0 untitled. by BlackDennie by 291 untitled. by BlackDennie :icon291:291 11 0 A Distant Pavilion by 291 A Distant Pavilion :icon291:291 14 0 Aged Sweden by Ice-Beam by 291 Aged Sweden by Ice-Beam :icon291:291 4 0 Southern Swamp by semeuse by 291 Southern Swamp by semeuse :icon291:291 4 0 the coldness of boundaries by 291 the coldness of boundaries :icon291:291 26 0 walking along the sea floor by 291 walking along the sea floor :icon291:291 3 1 alone by day-light by 291 alone by day-light :icon291:291 124 0 into the light by CatchMe-22 by 291 into the light by CatchMe-22 :icon291:291 12 0

Random Favourites

Square Shooters: Start Seeing Sepia
From red to yellow to brown, the shades of sepia have been stalwarts of photography.  There is so much new photography being uploaded by the second (and I have included some newer photos here) that the older photographs too often get buried in the virtual pages of time.  I went through my favorites recently to bring some older sepia treasures forward.  

Il y a la cendre II by ilsilenzio Mediterranean Dusk by DenisOlivier
17062006 by GoncaloBorgesDias six in eternity by philipz :thumb46153237:
Cross by Pieroc :thumb29924466: 000 88 by GoncaloBorgesDias
:thumb36558862: :thumb41557699: :thumb35447911:
:thumb5869353:  Ghost Opera 1 by DenisOlivier :thumb30201415:
:thumb28160278: :thumb26149191: La mouette by UnfinishedSympathy
Under the Bridge by chocomalk Miro by anjelicek :thumb56035933:
:thumb56353491: .dream IV. by MichalGiedrojc Belfer Lane by chocomalk
Until the end of the day IV by etchepare Another World by intao door by futurowoman
:thumb57581010: :thumb575665
:iconequivoque:equivoque 70 31
The Unbearable Lightness of Being

"Anyone whose goal is 'something higher' must expect someday to suffer vertigo. What is vertigo? Fear of falling? No, Vertigo is something other than fear of falling. It is the voice of the emptiness below us which tempts and lures us, it is the desire to fall, against which, terrified, we defend ourselves."
    --Milan Kundera, The Unbearable Lightness of Being

:thumb53372341: the pianist by andrewfphoto
:thumb56774960: Burning Trees by kevissimo :thumb56474310:
:thumb41207202: :thumb56318599: :thumb56086203:
fiqrebshimotovlili by sabai Still Life by BaddogLtd :thumb43197492:
:thumb33051684: :thumb14717035: Shoulders by vetal-vetal
americas next top model by shubox oh, summer. by folie-a-deux la hora violeta by buhoazul
:iconfuturowoman:futurowoman 46 47
Unknown Artists: June Feature
The Unknown Artists Project is to expose talented, yet underrated, artists on deviantArt.  In spirit of that goal, we will present to the community a monthly feature showcasing unknown artists in photography, traditional art, digital art and literature.   
:pointr:  selections by :iconigy:

:pointr:  selections by :iconimogene:
Dying in big city by Missschabut where do I put my toes? by Cliff-Secord
:thumb44966386:citizen by sothenkylesaysstate fair 1 by mr-amateur:thumb44338496:
:pointr: selections by :iconequivoque:
Shepherd's house by pedroinacio Miro by anjelicek dream III by MichalGiedrojc Zen Pier.. by SerdarAKIN
Anatoli,Crete by Kaarmen :thumb32773793: Entree by Halfalgo vreeland by nybruger
:pointr:  selections by :icontwosilverstars:
Que la vie est belle by delfee Rabbit-Girl. by mangycat Lady of the Lake by graemeb The Proposel by AvantFae
31655306 by tle :thumb53090
:iconimogene:imogene 49 34
Separated At Birth? Double Header!!

Old Naval Hospital III by apres-imageVilla I by etchepare
By the pool by ashveenp:thumb56672896:
:thumb47921669:have a break, have a ... by chryztoph
No title 129 by ESafianau vent by sundreaming
:thumb56601420:Lizards by ESafian
joy spring by equivoqueHope by ZeRDuSHT
I'll see you on the dark side by sundreamingNo title 32 by ESafian
Bostan 1X by Pieroc817 by r3nya
This Solitude by negateven:thumb24644341:
Arbat 236 by ESafian:thumb52975458:
:iconintao:intao 51 26
Unknown Artists: May Feature
The Unknown Artists Project is to expose talented, yet underrated, artists on deviantArt.  In spirit of that goal, we will present to the community a monthly feature showcasing unknown artists in photography, traditional art, digital art and literature.   
:pointr:  selections by :icongarrit:

:pointr:  selections by :iconimogene:
untitled B022 by kerrissteen :thumb47084983:
portrait of a friend - I by adamkozlowski :thumb27517041: Artifice by Jefinski :thumb46577716:
:pointr: selections by :iconequivoque:
kinostalgia: bio rex - V by miemo Kitchen 2 by FiLH still life with roses by Slopjockey :thumb51993906:
:thumb47941019: Holga Blossoms Bromoil by silversmith :thumb51510351: White queen's shadow by Fauste1st
:pointr:  selections by :icontwosilverstars:
:thumb53465209: Curious by khorah beauty and the beast by relaxeder :thumb53448932:
:thumb42775883: :t
:iconimogene:imogene 70 27
Chromatophobia? Monocolour Photos for You
Webster's New Millennium™ Dictionary of English
Main Entry: chromatophobia
Part of Speech: n
Definition: a fear of colors; also called [chromophobia], [psychrophobia]
Etymology: chromato- 'color'
Monocolour-photos is a community that exists to feature quality monochrome and toned art photography! With well over 1000 members (and always growing) MCP is a very large, organized community, which showcases some of the truly amazing black and white photographers of dA.
MCP Reminds You:  Difficult backlight is without doubt a challenge for photographers, but when it works, the results can be exquisite!  Visit Staged's news article to obtain the information you'll need to enter Against the Light, a Photography Contest.  Judges will be:
:iconstaged: :iconsuperkev: :iconequivoque: :icon5inclair: :iconigy:
MCP Gallery Selections
:iconmonocolour-photos:Monocolour-photos 55 26
Holy Cow!!

With over 1.6 Billion cows in the world today, it's no surprise that deviantArt's photographers have shot some of the most wonderful portraits of our bovine neighbors! Wild Highland cows in Scotland, stern Texas longhorns, revered Indian deities, and the humble Jersey dairy cows are just a few of the fabulous cows in the Photography gallery! Let's take a moment to appreciate these proud and fascinating creatures through the lenses of dA's photographers!

White Faced Cow and Friends by chakabear the little cow by prismopola
Holy Cow by FelixTo An alley cow by Mazcal The Wife and the Cow by nuemj88 A cow of the Alps by liselaure
:thumb46006645: Cow Watching by PonderStibbons :thumb39462854: Cow by 106838
old corn and cow by cedmundmiller cow by I-Land :thumb41232333: :thumb39563409:
:thumb41345108: i live near cows by futurowoman l Hello Sunshine. l by lululoser :thumb47084327:
Texas Long Horn by Laura-AH Bovine Coming Home by jojohippy Another dividing line by DenisOlivier Holy Cow by gilad
Rest in peace. by sharadhaksar :thumb47835
:iconfuturowoman:futurowoman 60 115
The Holga Club for Holga Lovers
Black&white or color films
120 or 35 mm
uncontroled framing
light leaks
double exposure...
In portrait, street, conceptual or artistic nudes, the moody Holga is always a pleasure to work with.
Here are some incredible photos taken with a Holga.

My first Holga-1 by gaelicgirl Holga 20 by Valimar
Holga Photo Shoot 6 by KingofZeal the holga experience pt. 2 by bzed fancy mummer by cedmundmiller
:thumb31327574: :thumb37848370: holgarama by SnjezanaJosipovic
:thumb6779463: diantara cahaya by perdhanaperdhana 151 - holga by Pecuchet
bananaman by Slopjockey
You love these photos? You own a Holga?
You want to share holga photos with other holga lovers? Or learn tips on how to make accessories for your Holga?
Come and play with us, join our club!! :iconholga:
See our journal for more informations.
ErinGibson Valimar and Nirka
:iconholga: admins.
:iconholga:holga 61 26
The Golden Mean - Saving Darkroom.
When i first came to deviantArt i fell in love with how it’s opened towards every art form and  devious artists. But now i’m in pain and feeling like they are taking something away from me after my long time visit – the two categories im mostly focused on; macro and darkroom.
I’m very surprised by the popularity of the previous article on this. This means that thankfuly im not alone with my feelings.
To those new that still do not yet know what’s the problem about. On “Artist Relations Newsletter: February 12, 2007” we can read about the upcoming changes on dA. I’m ok with changes but there are things that painfully hit me. First something about macros and later on the darkroom... Ok begin quote:
“The main change will be that we'll be more strictly adhering to our policy of subject-based categories. That means we'll be eliminating several technique-based categories and moving those photos to other categories.
In particular, t
:iconmorda86:Morda86 28 25
Save the darkroom!
It has come to my attention that there are some upcomming changes on deviantart concerning classification of photography. Some of those changes will painfully hit many deviants like myself who like to upload photos to categories such as "darkroom" or "macro". Removing those categories saying that they are not strictly "subject-based " but more like "technique based" categories is total nonsense! As a darkroom photographer i think that there are times when the subject is less important then the techniqe. Not mentioning that the techniqe can be a subject itself! "If you have a macro photo of a flower, for instance, please move it to the Flowers and Plants category." But what if im not interested in other simple flower photos? What if i want to view only flower macros? And what will happen if want to view only photos that were made on film, developed and printed by other deviants? The only option will be to stick to clubs such as analogphotographers http://analogphotograph
:iconmorda86:Morda86 48 59
Fine Art Photography Community Features #1
Art produced or intended primarily for beauty rather than utility.
Photography requiring highly developed techniques and skills.
The goal of this community is to bring together the fine-art-photographers of Deviant Art. There are loads around and we'd like to build a gallery of their best work.
Along with loads of pictures by our members you'll also find interviews, book recs and contests. We will suggest the best submitted pieces as DDs on a regular basis.
The Features:

:thumb36244104:Mermaid by EvilxElf
Hope you'll enjoy these deviations submited by our members, feel free to check our community gallery to find more Fine Art Photos!
:iconfineart-photography:fineart-photography 37 19
Chromatophobia? Fear No More.
Webster's New Millennium™ Dictionary of English
Main Entry:   chromatophobia
Part of Speech:   n
Definition:   a fear of colors; also called [chromophobia], [psychrophobia]
Etymology:   chromato- 'color'
Monocolour-photos is a community gallery featuring quality monochrome and toned art photography!  With 1300 members (and always growing) MCP is a very large, organized community, but we are planning a year of surpises.  Please, stop by to check out our gallery, which showcases some of the truly amazing black and white photographers of dA.   
f r o m
t h e
m c p
g a l l e r y

:thumb40895663: obscure wisdom by guost
:thumb34404430: :thumb42594302: Seems to be unnatural II by niavaah
:thumb27355965: maniere noire by ashveenp :thumb3
:iconmonocolour-photos:Monocolour-photos 55 30
By The River by SCHIMPANSEN By The River :iconschimpansen:SCHIMPANSEN 766 204



Analog Artists/Digital World
United States
291 had a nice little run, but it is time to say farewell.  We are closing the club.  Thanks for participating.  equivoque


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