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Come see what the 27d staff has chosen as their favorite PLZ.

Personal PLZ Pages: 27d.deviantart.com/blog/305325…

Big thanks to :iconlovely-dreamcatcher:Lovely-DreamCatcher  for bringing us a new set of Twilight Saga PLZ: 27d.deviantart.com/journal/Twi…

There are gazillions of Twilight PLZ out there, so this page will be useful to fans. We are grateful!

      Welcome to 27d! :bulletpink: HELP :bulletpink: FAQ

      :bulletblack:  DEFINITION OF PLZ :bulletblack:  APPLICATIONS FOR ADMINISTRATOR :bulletblack:  WHAT CAN #27d MEMBERS USE THE #27dBLOG FOR? - Anything on-topic is OK :bulletblack:  ASK QUESTIONS - send 27d staff notes or comment on the page you have questions about. :bulletblack: HOW TO USE PLZ GRAPHICS ON DA :bulletblack: STAFF DUTIES, Why are some comments hidden at 27d? :bulletblack: 27d MISSION :bulletblack: USES FOR PLZ :bulletblack: GUIDE TO NEW PLZ LIBRARY PAGES :bulletblack: GMAIL TRICK :bulletblack: 27D LINKS :bulletblack:  27d ADMIN. POLICIES :bulletblack:  27d RULES :bulletblack:  COMPLAINTS
      :bulletpink:  HOW TO USE PLZ SHORT VERSION:

      Here is the short version of how to type and copy PLZ graphics:

      The fastest method is to highlight the image, copy and paste it into your text. It will appear in previews and final submissions.

      Alternatively you can type it. For kilroyplz's avatar :iconkilroyplz:, Just type the following text:


      Remember to type the prefix :icon before the user's name and end with a second colon.  

      :bulletpink:  HOW TO USE PLZ:   LONG VERSION [link]
      27d PREFERENCES:
        :bulletgreen:  USING THE #27d BLOG: Feel free to Blog about anything on-
        at #27d. The topic of art is all we require.  #27d admins use the blog for new PLZ library pages and PLZ-related promotions. :bulletgreen:  MEMBER'S GUIDE TO NEW PLZ LIBRARY PAGES: 27d.deviantart.com/blog/343005… :bulletgreen:  THREAD FORWARD: Page one is always full. Comment with your new PLZ graphics on the most recent library page please. Choose the highest page number for your new comments. :bulletgreen:  APPLICATIONS: PLZ are organized by our Co-Founders. If you are always on DA, then please apply for administrator power. However, avoid pandering to 27d staff.  The following instructions should help.   Write a note to 27d asking for promotion to Co-Founder or Contributor. Admins are free to add new admins of equal or lesser authority.  Spamming 27d in-boxes or staff may result in banning. :bulletgreen:  MISSION: 27d is here to give you access to an organized, easily copied PLZ library.

      How do I use PLZ? What is a PLZ? Where do I add PLZ on 27d? How do I make a new PLZ account? How many PLZ accounts can I have? Where can I request a new PLZ graphic from an artist? I see that I can't search for PLZ on 27d. Can I search PLZ on all of DeviantArt.com? Is there an indexed catalog of PLZ graphics on 27d? :bulletpink:  ANSWERS: :bulletpink: SEARCH PLZ: Here is an off-site search engine for PLZ graphics on DA: :bulletblack:   Search PLZ: :pointr::spotlight-left::spotlight-right::pointl:
        - Search provided by HelpPLZ.info
      :bulletpink:  PLZ CATALOG: :bulletblack:  27d Table of Contents: :library: World Famous PLZ Archive! :bulletpink:  DEFINITION OF PLZ:

        :bulletgreen:  PLZ Graphics: DeviantArt.com user accounts with avatars used for graphics and emoticons. You can use PLZ accounts and make new ones. DA staff advised 27d staff that each person can have up to 3 PLZ accounts. :bulletgreen: PLZ Wiki: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Plz

      :bulletpink:  USES FOR PLZ:

      PLZ are used for expressing emotion; embellishing a comment, journal, blog or web page; to elicit a response such as laughter; giving an award; drawing attention; to be obnoxious and many more.


      - follow this link to see the detailed explanation for how to format a 27d library page.

      :bulletpink: HOW TO ADD PLZ GRAPHICS TO 27d:

      Go to the relevant library page. Add your PLZ graphics in comments there.

      PLZ can be in multiple categories. For instance, an animated smile would be in Emoticons; Animated; and Smileys.

      For gallery pages, add your art to the relevant category. The Featured Gallery Folder is off limits.

      For Favorites, add your art to favorites at will.

      Large collections may warrant new library pages. Please let us know if you want Contributor status to use the 27d Admin Area for collecting and cooperating on large PLZ collections.

      :bulletpink:  EDITING LARGE PLZ ARCHIVES:

      I use Gmail to quickly organize PLZ graphics archives.

      It's in Gmail Settings->Labs->Inserting Images

      You can drag images into an email, rearrange them and copy them back into a DA comment or journal.

      :bulletpink:  WHY COMMENTS ARE HIDDEN

      Comments are hidden when 27d administrators harvest graphics from them. This communicates that the collection has been updated.

      :bulletpink:  #27d LINKS:
        :bulletgreen:  #27d Thumbshare: forum.deviantart.com/devart/th… :bulletgreen:  #27d chat room: chat.deviantart.com/chat/PLZ27… :bulletgreen:  #27d news: fav.me/n110369

      :bulletpink:  '917 27d: spells PLZ  Lib. upside-down

      :bulletpink:  help: help.deviantart.com/

      :bulletpink:  QUESTIONS:

      Contact us: my.deviantart.com/notes/?to=27…:

      :bulletpink:  HOW TO USE PLZ:

      If you are having trouble using plz, then I can help. If you can't copy/paste, then this lesson will teach you how to type the codes for your graphics.

        :bulletgreen:  copy/paste:

        Copy and paste is easiest. Just highlight the image and copy/paste it into a new comment text. It will appear as text until you preview the comment. This only works for avatars and emoticons. PLZ graphics are avatars.

        :bulletgreen:  image properties:

        In Firefox you can right click a PLZ graphic for options, choose properties and you'll see alternate text. That's the code for that PLZ, exactly as it must be written to view the image.

        :bulletgreen:  typing:  :iconUser Name:

        Typing plz graphics requires the typing the word "icon" followed by the name of the PLZ graphic, or user's nickname surrounded by colons.

        eg: ":iconkilroyplz:" =


        Take this one step further by adding other PLZ graphics to form an array:


      :bulletpink:  GROUP POLICIES:


      1.  HATE SPEECH:
      No hate speech, flaming or terrorizing on 27d or 27d projects. Flagrantly undermining 27d efforts in comments is prohibited because there are other groups you should be at if you disparage 27d.

      2.  CREDITS:
      No credit given on library pages. PLZ are all linked to a page where the artist or creator of the graphics can credit themselves. Bullet and emoticon arrays can be added to the gallery as art submissions, or to the 27d library

      Feel free to credit yourself or the PLZ artist in comments on 27d. If your comment is hidden, you are free to comment again to give credit. Comments are hidden the first time they are harvested for PLZ graphics.

      PLZ graphics are hidden after being  harvested from comments. Also, further comments or comments meant to give credit and exhibit further graphics may be hidden when harvested for graphics. To give credit in comments, just comment again.

      27d staff may nominate new staff of equal or lesser administrative status. Responsibility increases with Co-founder status, but Contributors are welcome to be numerous with limited powers. Members may blog and add art to galleries and invite other members.

      4. BLOGS:
      Blogs may be about art. Please control spam. Admins can limit spam by warning or banning in extreme cases.

      5.  BANNING:
      When banning, set reinstatement dates. Invite banned members to return after such a date. Seven days is suggested.  Record the reinstatement date in the 27d Admin Forum immediately.
      - ban for hate speech; excessive spam; flagrantly undermining 27d efforts


      1.  NEWS & BLOGS:
      You can encourage member participation by adding your own news articles to the Blog and the DA News section with clear use of 27d icon :icon27d:.

      Every time you update a Blog entry, you can announce this by unchecking the box labled "This edit is minor", so all of the group watchers see it.

      Also, you can encourage new users and participation with features and contests. Feel free to host contests and make features.

      Post your announcements utilizing the News, Thumbshare forum, Collections and Polls.

      Hold features and contests online at will. Ask other Moderators to assist you.

      Plan ahead details about deadlines, how to submit entries, who what when and where etc.

      3.  LINK SHARING:
      Utilize links to consolidate projects that involve Collections, Thumbshare, polls, News etc. These are permanent locations where you can collect information and make announcements.

      New affiliates are all offered an HTML feature in the 27d affiliates widget if they exhibit the 27d PLZ Reference Catalog links. These may be edited and rearranged by affiliate groups at their will.

      4.  UPDATE LINKS:
      Update links found on 27d Home page. Those tell the public where to find things, so they need to be accurate. Changes that you make should be followed-up immediately.


      Spamming is defined as off-topic or unsolicited commenting and is discouraged. It's alright to be friendly and be yourself without being a spammer.

      If members are talking off-topic, they must avoid advertising and sexual content.

      All staff are free to moderate the Blog entries, Comments in Blogs, Polls, Slideshows, Galleries, artworks and the thumbshare forum.

      Please do be gentle with the spammers. Our main goal is to avoid embarassing them.

      Moderators should practice the following when policing forums:

      -warn spammers gently once privately. A Note works well. If a private message seems inappropriate, a public note is fine.

      -Follow-up with a short public reply if spamming continues.

      -hide comments which are considered spam or inappropriate conduct.

      -Spammers will be reported to the Help Desk and may have their IP addresses banned by a moderator with priveleges.

      - Sexual Harassment and Hate Speech Policy:

      Report all harassment and hate speech to the DA Help Desk. Help Desk

      27d is for people of all ages. All ethnic, racist, hateful and abusive comments will be removed by Admin. Do no harm on  27d forums, chats, galleries or comments.

      Anyone engaging in sexual harassment may be banned from the 27d website with or without warning. Report directly to the DA Help Desk Help Desk if you feel harassed, or threatened, even a little.

      Hate speech will not be tolerated. Please report all hate speech immediately.

      Always ask a person to stop their behavior if it makes you feel uncomfortable. Reporting sexual harassment to the DA Help Desk Help Desk is best, even if you don't feel threatened. DA Staff are trustworthy and will prevent such behavior from getting out of hand.

      :bulletblack: Why are some comments hidden at 27d?

      :bulletblack: 27d MISSION

      :bulletblack:  DEFINITION OF PLZ

      :bulletblack: USES FOR PLZ

      :bulletblack: GUIDE TO NEW PLZ LIBRARY PAGES

      :bulletblack: GMAIL TRICK

      :bulletblack: 27D LINKS

      :bulletblack:  27d ADMIN. POLICIES

      :bulletblack:  27d RULES

      :bulletblack:  COMPLAINTS

      Complain in comments here. If you're polite and succinct we'll reply.

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