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Na'Vi Fella

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Ayftxozä lefpom ayngaru nìwotx! Which translates to "Happy Holidays to you all."

That's right, even Fella has gone Avatar on us :rofl: If you have not seen the movie yet, I HIGHLY suggest that you go see it... if you are on this site, there is a slight suggestion that you just might be interested in Art, therefore as an Artist, you really should go see this beautiful movie!

Fella created by *chromosphere

Original model & download:

Na'Vi materials by me :giggle:

Fella's Ponytail and the background "plant tendrils" grown inside Cinema 4D using hair vertex & materials. I had a lot of fun creating the material for the background plants and making them glow... There is no glow or luminance channel for hair materials :O_o: So I had to "trick it" ;)

Anyone interested in some pretty neat reading on the Na'Vi language check this out [link]
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You were featured here: [link] . If you liked the feature, don't hesitate to show it some love by clicking on the heart :heart: found in the upper-left corner of my Journal. :peace:
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Awww thank you for the feature :aww:
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That killed me :rofl:
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LOL thanks! This was definitely one of those completely "fun renders" ;)
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Haha! You have no idea how happy it makes me to see an Avatar based piece that looks good!

I'm already sick of seeing terribly modelled Na'Vi characters popping up all over the place. Seeing an image that is INSPIRED by the movie is quite refreshing :D
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Aww- that is so adorable! Lovely idea =D
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:aww: Thank you so much :D I just couldn't resist it ;) :giggle:
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wow, sorprendente!!! :worship:
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Thank you very much :D
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lol, that's cool. i need to see avatar!
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Yes you do, and if you get a chance DO go see it in IMAX, it is well worth it.
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hah when I looked at it, I was oh he has sparkles like avatar! Yes I finally went and seen it in 3c :D and I want to see it again! lol
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Awesome - I have seen it three times now, and I am considering seeing it for a fourth ;) God I love that movie!
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yeah I am sooo buying it! lol
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Same here, as soon as the Collector's Edition DVD is out it is mine ;)
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Hehe You should have given him the full Avatar treatment, the blue hide with markings! Great job :)
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LOL :XD: I thought about it, but just wanted to do a quickie "fun" render rather than mess with BodyPaint ;)
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I really want to see that movie, i was watching an interview with the main actress about how they made it, looks soooo awesome
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Thank you :D The movie ROCKS! It is incredible! You actually forget that you are watching 3D figures during the movie - it is that good! On... did I say it ROCKS!?!
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I do believe you did ^^
Lol, im defiantly going to have to see it
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Aww, so cute and lovely, simply irresistible :lvoe:
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