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B5 Warlock Destroyer WIP 33

Another WIP on this beast - this time working on materials and detailing. I have fully textured the weapons, so no more of that ugly white base material lol.

Adding some more details, but getting pretty close to finishing this Warlock up.

It's amazing after being away from this for so long on other projects, how many details you see with new eyes and can go change them easier ;) Yay!

Cinema 4D

Full view for maximum detail :thumbsup:
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Very nicely done. Great textures.
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Beautiful work!:hug:
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You are welcome!:hug:
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Welcome, it's great! :clap:
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/me wants to stroke that model over my body and then use it for animation.

On a serious note, I freaking want to pay you almost, just to check out how you model and your methods to do so, because you defiantly have a style of modeling I want to steal :P
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LOL ummmmm :O_o:

Thanks bro - I just try and make what I see ;)
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this is so amazing! :)
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She's looking good. Are you planning to add any sort of weathering effect or light battle damage perhaps, to suggest it's not a brand new ship off the line, but rather been around the block a few times?
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Thanks - not on this particular one - this will be one that I will be uploading to several modeling forums and my own site for free download ;)
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Looking great!
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yep looooooooooooooooking awesome Scott
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