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You should make hims a Rat Car, similar to “My Neighbor Totoro’s” cat-bus.
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you do best ...
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I was thinking that this could be 3d. Very cool!
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 JUST AMAZING !!!!!!!!!!!!
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Pretty good overall, but his eyes just look dead and spooky.
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Absolutely amazing!
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That is one amazing painting!
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Amazing work! Great concept.
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MARVELOUS talent and gallery!
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just wow !! 
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Cool! I like it! Very funny concept.
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Really nice-Love your style!
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Знатный ганеш проработка добротная ....и червивый эпл улыбнул.
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OMG. And I rarely say that... - but - <3
WOW! Fu**in nice! Hey; just want to know if I can use it, for free, for the cover of a music album (electronic)...
The only problem, is that is digital; so the credit will not on...

Please respond me ASAP; I like your pic a looooot! O:)
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I'm glad that you liked my picture =)
Unfortunately, all righs to this particular one belong to the russian publisher AST.
I suggest you use one of these: [link] or [link]
These pictures are free to use. If you like them, i can send you a high resolution copy.
Ok, please send me an high resolution copy of the dragon's writers one...

I need it for a cover of a digital/musical album. ;)
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The amount of detail you put into every drawing is amazing.
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aha! and Libra is the Elephant: Aries's opposite sign...
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