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[Sketchpage] Juvi and Oni


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sketches | ocs: Juvi & Oni

Juvi was such a cute child (ノωヽ)
I still can't handle her hair figure out how to draw her haircuts ??
Nasha emotion - Lying 

There was a time when they were almost like a family living under the same roof.
Without going into some unpleasant details.. actually that was pretty calm and hopeful time,
at least Juvi thought so

Despite his rather young age, Oni already had managed achieved a petty high social status.
By lying and deceiving, with great difficulty, he had finally created the appearance of money,
having nothing in reality. Shocked Pikachu Meme Face  
Juvi and her mother were neither relatives nor even acquaintances for him
but he had some own reasons to give them a whole chance in life and shelter poor things. [EXO] Kris ''Legit'' Crying Emoticon 
The lil girl always considered him a little bit strange guy but who was fully worthy of her respect and trust.
And he, in turn, allowed her to treat him as an elder brother,
thoroughly nurturing her interest to create affection on her part after all.
From the very beginning Juvi didn't even suspect his constant manipulation
and never really thought about why had he actually helped them

Annoyed KaiAnnoyed Kai 


Please don't use, copy, trace, etc. my artworks without my prior written permission

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Cute 。◕‿◕。

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Thank you ! ;w;

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Looks cute! I'm glad you kept this part of the story! Both look super charming Asuna (Smile 1) [V1] 
24hrs-coma's avatar
Thank you dude !! I need some family moments for Oni Spit Laugh 
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HAHAHA you're hilarious Laugh 
Oni and being "normal" family oriented... sounds veeeery strange
24hrs-coma's avatar
I know right Simon (Negan) - Icon 
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Such cute ocs! I love how you drew the fabric on these.
24hrs-coma's avatar
Thank you! Glad you like them qwq/ :heart:
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They look fantastic, I love their outfits! :love:
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Thank you sp much !! qwq/ :heart:
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froggy is a new ocSpit Laugh 
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Thank you! qwq/ :heart:
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alksjdflf That frog tho LOL I"m in love :iconhnnghplz:
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Peepo Frog Wew In Love GLAD U ARE AH -hugs from the frog-Smiling Moon Emoji  
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I would also be terrified if I saw that happen. XD
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..and these frogs actually really have teeth, I was shockedsurprised pikachu 
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D: That's definitely scary
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