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Jack Bauer by Mainnine by 24-CTU Jack Bauer by Mainnine :icon24-ctu:24-CTU 2 0
Jack's Kidnapping by mystical
"Excuse me, Agent Bauer?" A man said. Jack pulled away from Audrey. The man was of average height, had dark hair and obviously had oriental roots, but was definitely American. "We have your daughter on the line."
"My daughter?" Jack replied, genuinely surprised that his daughter had contacted him only a few hours ago she had said that she never wanted to see him again.
"A Kim Bauer?" said the man. "We've patched it through to a local landline, just inside those doors," he said, pointing to the bleak grey building beside them. Jack told Audrey of his love for her, and then whispered, "I'll be right back." Those fatal words that would never be true.
He strolled through the doors of the building. Almost instantly he spotted the black phone on the wall. He picked up the receiver.
"Hey, Kim?" he started, longing desperately for his daughter to review her decision to tell him she loved him; that she had made a mistake. Suddenly a man all in black jumped him from behind. A cloth was thrus
:icon24-ctu:24-CTU 1 0
Kiefer S. Study by mystical-cr by 24-CTU Kiefer S. Study by mystical-cr :icon24-ctu:24-CTU 0 0 24 - French by Mystical-Creatu by 24-CTU 24 - French by Mystical-Creatu :icon24-ctu:24-CTU 1 0
The 24 Experience by mystical
The girl sits on the sofa,
Eyes glued to the screen,
She sits with her mother,
Who's turning quite green.
They both bite their nails,
They both shut their eyes,
Jack delves into webs
Of deception and lies.
Jack fires his gun,
He sees only hate,
He kills the terrorists,
He's never too late.
He may be in trouble,
Yet always survives,
And saves the day once more,
And many more lives.
The end title flicks on,
Music starts to play,
The girl sits there transfixed,
That's one more day.
:icon24-ctu:24-CTU 0 0
Jack Bauer Study 2 by mystical by 24-CTU Jack Bauer Study 2 by mystical :icon24-ctu:24-CTU 0 0 Jack Bauer Study by mystical-c by 24-CTU Jack Bauer Study by mystical-c :icon24-ctu:24-CTU 0 0 24 Wallpaper by mystical-creat by 24-CTU 24 Wallpaper by mystical-creat :icon24-ctu:24-CTU 1 0 Tony and Michelle by KAlmeida by 24-CTU Tony and Michelle by KAlmeida :icon24-ctu:24-CTU 1 0 Jack Is Sorta Cool by KAlmeida by 24-CTU Jack Is Sorta Cool by KAlmeida :icon24-ctu:24-CTU 0 0 Sutherland by Minif by 24-CTU Sutherland by Minif :icon24-ctu:24-CTU 0 0 Jack by Minif by 24-CTU Jack by Minif :icon24-ctu:24-CTU 0 0 Tony and Mandy by Demile by 24-CTU Tony and Mandy by Demile :icon24-ctu:24-CTU 1 0
He's Gone by Peanut0565
He's Gone. by ~Peanut0565
Hes Gone
...Palmer calls Jack to thank him for what he did for the country.
However, Bern’s confession gave the Chinese proof that Jack
led the raid on the Consulate. Palmer believes the Chinese
really want Jack to implicate the American government once he
is imprisoned. Jack swears he would never do such a thing.
Palmer thinks this is unfair and he is ashamed for his part in it.
He promises to make it his life’s purpose to bring Jack back to
U.S. soil. A Secret Service agent is on his way to CTU to arrest
Cummings speaks to Secret Service Agent Dale Spaulding,
who heads to CTU. Cummings explains that, with Jack’s high
ranking, he could leak a wealth of information about national
security if the Chinese torture him. Spaulding understands the
insinuation, and Cummings confirms that this is not coming on
order from the President. Any investigation into Jack’s death will
be brief and superficial. Cummings does not notice that Novick
:icon24-ctu:24-CTU 0 0
Empty by Peanut0565
Empty by ~Peanut0565
He was walking quietly down the dirt trail. Trees surrounded him,
emgulping him withing the vast greeness of the forest. He wore an old
pair of worn blue jeans that had holes in the knees. He had on a white
under shirt that was partically tinted off white from wearing day in
and day out. A faded navy blue bandana covered his shaved and scared
head. He had his hands tucked in the pockets of his jeans as he walked.
He scanned the area constantly trying to be non-suspicious, making sure
no one was around, watching him. Though he stood out like a sore thumb
due to his pale complexion. He was so pale someone could mistake him
for an albino, unless they had a good look at his face. Mainly his
eyes, which were a sharp piercing blue. He followed the trail down to
the docks, walking to the edge of the docks. He scanned the area and
smiled weakly, perfect, he thought to himself. He cringed as he bent
down to sit on the docks. He let his legs dangle down above the water
as he
:icon24-ctu:24-CTU 0 0
A Living Hell by Peanut0565
A Living Hell. by ~Peanut0565
A Living Hell.
"Alright lets talk this..." Jack trailed off, turning his head to see
the suspect that he had just apprehended charged him with his hands
"Hey!" Jack said as he was starting to be pushed back towards the glass
wall of the 2 story level floor of the building. Jack started to push
back, but sadly the suspect was alot taller and more muscular then him.
It was a miracle that Jack had apprehended him in the first place.
"Im taking you with me down to hell" The man hissed as Jack was pushed into the glass window, stopping him.
"You cant push me through the window" Jack huffed.
"Watch me" The man grabbed grabbed Jack with both his hands, wrapping
them tightly around his throat. He pulled Jack back forcefully then
slammed him hard into the window. There was enough force in that slam
to crack the window, as Jacks' head hit and bounced slightly against
the window. The man did the same motion again, making the glass break,
causing several of th
:icon24-ctu:24-CTU 0 0

Random Favourites

Tony and Michelle by KAlmeida Tony and Michelle :iconkalmeida:KAlmeida 5 0 Tony's death by KAlmeida Tony's death :iconkalmeida:KAlmeida 3 2 Tony + Michelle -Best pic yet- by KAlmeida Tony + Michelle -Best pic yet- :iconkalmeida:KAlmeida 2 11 edgar shtileth by KAlmeida edgar shtileth :iconkalmeida:KAlmeida 4 8 Kim Bauer by KAlmeida Kim Bauer :iconkalmeida:KAlmeida 1 0 Tony Almeida Head by KAlmeida Tony Almeida Head :iconkalmeida:KAlmeida 2 2 jack bauer by Amarantos jack bauer :iconamarantos:Amarantos 4 10 CTU Phone Background by silverdale CTU Phone Background :iconsilverdale:silverdale 8 1 24 color by Magilla-da-Killah 24 color :iconmagilla-da-killah:Magilla-da-Killah 4 7 Kiefer Sutherland 24 by DanyaChang Kiefer Sutherland 24 :icondanyachang:DanyaChang 47 18 24 black and white by Magilla-da-Killah 24 black and white :iconmagilla-da-killah:Magilla-da-Killah 1 0 Jack Bauer - 24 by mydigitalmind Jack Bauer - 24 :iconmydigitalmind:mydigitalmind 7 8 Keifer as Jack Bauer by kgreene Keifer as Jack Bauer :iconkgreene:kgreene 77 43 Kiefer Sutherland by carts Kiefer Sutherland :iconcarts:carts 101 34



24 Addicts!
Current Residence: L.A., Duh! =P
Favourite genre of music: 24- The Original Television Soundtrack
Favourite photographer: Martin Belkin
Operating System: Good guys use Mac, bad guys use PC.

After the apparent demise of the first 24 group of DA (, Demile and I (NazoNoOnna) decided to open a new one. And neither of us intend to let this one die ;)

The rules are simple:

1) Gotta be a 24 fan. You don't have to be hardcore, or assume that if you've missed episodes or anything you can't join. You just gotta like it. (Pfft, like it's that frickin hard!)

2) A big reason that we decided to do this is to promote community spirit. Sure, if you hunt on Google for deviants that like 24, you can find some people to converse with. Albeit, it's insanely hard, but that IS how I found Demile to begin with. :) So anyway, community = good. This ties into the rule we set for commenting.

3) Wanna join? Just watch the group and we'll add ya. Mmkay? 'Course, it wouldn't hurt to send a note, either...

4) There will be a single journal entry for the page, and we'll update it frequently with new members, activities/contests/whatever, or any annoucements. So put it in your devWATH, please! Keep an eye out for new members and the like. Remember rule 2!

5) So, how to submit deviations!: We'd like to keep it limited to 24-related deviations. Be creative! Write! Make vectors of the actors! Sketch 'em! Make wallpapers/icons/site buttons! Tell one of us somehow, like send a link in a note, so we can log in and add it to the gallery. The original will be linked in the description, and commenting will be deactivated. If you'd like to comment on a deviation, we want you to do it at the artist's gallery, so THEY get the notification and know to read it. Rule 2!

6) Alright, I guess this'll be the opposite of how rule 6 used to be. Watching group DOES = being a member. If you want to watch and DON'T want to join (don't see why, but I guess it could happen), send a note, and we'll take you out of the member list.

7) Standard, "If you're in the group, be a proud member post the icon in your journal signature" stuff :)

Hopefully, we can build a good community and find friends amongst ourselves, and a good way to do so is to visit one another, leave comments, send notes, communicate! PLEASE don't flame each other. Debating and disagreeing is one thing, but I don't want it to come to someone quitting the group because of harrassment, or having to decide whether or not to kick someone out because they're flaming other members. Diversity is good. Fighting because of that diversity, not so good.

So, come join the fun!


Oh man, I am soooooo sorry you guys. Too much crap going on, I  have no idea where Nazo is. Members list is updated, submissions up soon, I'm sorry you guys.


We have 6 new members! Please welcome ::userEchoras::userPopher::userhellstar::usercreepboy::usermafer::userpiratedesire:





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