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FANMADE - Bat Mane Six - Happy Halloween by 24-1

It was a difficult Halloween for me, i was very scared, sad and all, only i really hope that all of you my friends have happy
halloween , be happy and do this presence moment history
Full (1) by 24-1

Hello friends I publish this journal to ask you advice of what I should do, since you know me and I have several skills but I am a total failure in sports and exercise, these two days my classmates have been laughing at me , because the routines of the gym still make me very difficult and some girls who are supposed to be my friends, laugh at me, instead of helping me, they only attack me with shouts and demotivations. In the bathroom, I was going to fall with one of her backpacks and one of them told me "Do not go down, why do you throw my food and you're going to pay for it?" so much I bothered, but my failure in the gym class that I started to cry, I only thought of you friends, and although I talk to the counselor does not happen that I send them a notice to their homes and then they bother me again. What I can do?
Be in love is magic and sad, because your heart think is the best thing in you life but when that crush doesn't love you, you're heart feel lost, but for feel better only you know that is your work and you must to be stronger, only see the sky, the stars and the life will give you a good opportunity that you can see only if you has overcame the lack of love