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Final Fantasy Type Zero: Machina's Bolt Rapiers

By 23rdAngel
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Good Day guys, here is another tuts from the Bolt Rapiers I just made. Took me longer than anticipated probably because I tend to forget that there are 2 swords. Thanks to this rapier I learned how to plait and hope you guys could too and apply it to the many other props you would be making ;)

Stay Awesome :ahoy:

Finished Product:

Currently working on:
- Aqua Boots Tutorial, since many asked for it. Will be my next upload :)
- Fire Emblem's Falchion, crazy details this sword
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Thanks for sharing. :happybounce: :ahoy:
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I got missguided with your reference pic, is says that diameter of cogs are 180cm, 120cm, and 152cm. I gont get it sorry~!
I mean is these numbers in milimeters or decimeters?? (you know mm and dm)
That would be my question.

Thank you.
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Ah, these values should be millimeters, my bad.
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有り難う your tutorial was realy helpful!! Amazing work!! keep doing it!
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What's the item list of everything sed to make the rapiers?
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Lets see;
- PVC Pipes
- 5mm & 2mm thick sintra boards
- 2mm, 4mm and 6mm thick foams
- Black leather strips

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I love it thank you for this tutorial :)
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You're welcome. And thanks for the favs as well :ahoy:
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How did you make the tutorial? The color scheme makes it look like there's one on DA. Or did you use another one? (I need a new photoshop.. thing... to make tutorials and I'm looking for a good free[ideally] one)
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I based by color scheme on DA's. Their neutral greens are so relaxing and doesn't compete for attention with the photos :)
I use photoshop for my tuts and other graphic works. Though you can use an online editor like this:
Its free and works just like photoshop :thumbsup:
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Awesome, thanks!
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Also, awesome tutorial, I don't even know what they're from, but they look really good.
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Hmm, its a little hard to explain in words.. What I can do is give you a video sample on how it was done. Although he used 8 Plait, it still uses the same process with 4 plait :)
Here is a youtube link:…
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Sexy ass swords
Nice ass tutorial :D
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Ass Thanks! :ahoy:...wait.
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Your ass is welcome...what?
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