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DMC4 Nero: Red Queen Tutorial Part 02 of 02

This is Red Queen 2.0
The first one is a little different and that it utilizes magnets on one side so that it could "magically" attached itself to the costume. This one has none as requested by the commissionee.

PART 01 here: [link]
Red Queen 1.0 here: [link]
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That's an awesome tutorial!!!
Gonna start to build one of my own soon :)
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Do you have like a stencil for the design on the piece that attaches to the brake? Any picture I look at I can't get a clear look at it >.<
(I'm talking about the weird swirly design)
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Ah that. I'm sorry those are lost because of time. I use in-game references (3D) and some official art and slowly fill in the designs from there.
EchoFlar3's avatar
Alright, thanks anyways
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where can I buy sintra that's the same as yours? most of the sintra boards on my local store are 15x20. so when I make props this way I often use foam board because its bigger
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Try looking into some of your printing or ad agencies. Big chance that they have a good supplier for sintras. I got mine from a print company.
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gonna try this :) Will put a picture of the results when done.
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Looking forward to it :ahoy:
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how thick are the sintra boards that you're using? most of the ones i buy from National bookstore are very thin and tend to bend easily..
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I didn't use sintra boards on this prop, just 2mm thick illustration boards.
But the sintras I use are:
2mm, 3mm & 5mm thick
xXSnowFrostXx's avatar
this is such a nice tut and I can't wait to use:D
i have a question tho, is illustration board the same as poster board? i just wanted to clear that up:p thx
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From what google image can tell me, yeah they are alike.
So long as its light there's no problem :)
xXSnowFrostXx's avatar
yay:) thank you very much!! i am now prepared to make some weapons!!
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Hi here! :wave:

Your tutorial has been featured in my weekly article: Tutorial Tuesday #5!

I'd love if you could check it out and offer support to your fellow tutorial writers through comments :la:

And if you really like the feature, why not consider watching me to keep yourself updated!
23rdAngel's avatar
Would love to :ahoy:
Sakari-san's avatar
I will definitely use this one day since I have a friend that still needs me to make her a red queen for her Nero cosplay. Thanks for posting such an awesome tut!
23rdAngel's avatar
No problem Vergil.
Give your son a nice big sword :mwahaha:
Sakari-san's avatar
...Like he really needs it, but I digress. Now it's off to find the time and materials to do this. XDDD
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