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Hello, as a we cannot stress this enough - rejected works are not necessarily bad works, we want to clear some misunderstanding in our group regarding this matter.
Please read if you are new to the submission system in 21st-Century-Artist or you're just an angry person wanting some clarification.

There are thousands of groups here in deviantArt, and these groups help artists to gain more exposure. 

And you have to agree - we're not paid for this free-advertisement "job", and the management of each group is very different!
The reason why I write this is to protect our diligent admins (who have to go through dozens of submissions daily), because a few (rejected) artists can start threatening and whining in an extreme level.
Yes, you have the right to whine, but to threaten the poor admins?
It is as if that submission is the last piece in your life and you're just that upset for your art not being accepted in a group out of THOUSANDS!

So, what is my point?

  1. You should comprehend not all group manages thing the same way.
    21st-Century-Artist rejects works because:
    :bulletyellow: Lacks of technical skill or intriguing concept or creativity.
    :bulletyellow: Was submitted in the wrong genre/folder (In some case, the submitted genre on dA did not match the genre of Group Folder)
    - Genres often that were often confused: Photomanipulation vs Photography vs Mixed Media | "Lineart and Sketches" folder is closed, please refrain from submitting this genre to Traditional Art / Digital Painting.
    :bulletyellow: Simple character reference sheet. A really detailed work is acceptable, however.
    :bulletyellow: Comics. It would be crazy to submit pages of comic here. So if you're planning to advertise your comic: just submit the front cover art. Though the first particulars are still being evaluated.
    :bulletyellow: Maybe provoking, racist or mild sexual. Nudity is okay on some level, we're just a general SFW group.
    :bulletyellow: Unfinished work! (As we closed our WIP Folder, we hope to you will only submit finished work)
  2. Because we're humans, we're individuals and we see and interpret things differently.
    We hate to compare every submission with each other because art can be very subjective, so we normally accept deviations if we like it.
    That's genuine evaluation from the bottom of our heart and it's heart-breaking when artists start to take other artist's work and compare.
  3. We are just ONE group out of thousands, helping you to grow!
    This we cannot stress enough. We do understand every submission coming in is a product of your passion and effort, but please do not be disheartened if your work got rejected.
    We hate the word "reject" because it's a really negative expression, thus all the commotion. So please don't treat your declined work as "rejects", it's simply not like that!
    You can find a platform that can really grow your audience on deviantArt, so don't waste your time dropping a hate bomb to our admins! The admins (and you) don't deserve this!

So, let's FAQ the questions we get very often:

Q: Why did my submission get declined/rejected?
A: Read above. If it still does not answer your question, please send us a response via Submission Process or Group Note.
Q: You're a ****** for rejecting my hard *** work. Why you ************?!
A: Read above, I'm confused by your odd angry behavior! There is not reason to be angry, you still can have your submission limit back. :D
Q: Oh, my work was declined and I could not submit a new one.
A: There are some artists facing this problem and we could not do anything more about this, as deviantArt offer limited configuration in this area. But you could note us the artwork along with your personal description. Remember, only one work per month. Fair play! :)
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yeah hi so im still confused as fuck.