Additional Information on Submission

As we've received mass submissions without personal note in the submission process by the artists, it's hard for us to inquire artists on the inner value and effort being put in work. So we usually accept deviations based on the quality standard that we have in mind by looking what's on the surface - the technical skills involved, the creativity and concept behind the work (which the artists usually share in deviation description box).

Other reasons for submissions being declined is:
1) The inaccuracy of genre submitted, or something similar;
2) Same concept of art and lacking of quality when 2 deviations are submitted at the same time;
3) Offensive/racist/pornographic work submitted.

These are the genres often getting confused of:
Photomanipulation usually comprises a collection of stock or photos for a final picture, editing a normal photo does not entitle a deviation to be a photomanipulation. This can be a very complex subject if you compared it to Digital Mixed Media. But the idea of minimal editing a photo would still fall in the Photography genre. Whereas a heavy edited photo (the digital painting process is more predominant) should be a Digital Mixed Media, because two different digital media are involved in the work.

We would love to accept all the wonderful deviations that got submitted in the group, but we have to be strict on the quality of art in the group too.

Thank you for understanding and please have a great time in 21st-Century-Artist!