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Gallery Folders

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Tutorials, actions, brushes
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Simple Lights Divider by hawaii-partiiWelcome Sign F2U by Nerdy-pixel-girlSimple Lights Divider by hawaii-partii

Hello, all~!
I'm yet again working on a species, just something to keep me bust (Tho I'm probably going to have a hard time during school T^T, but thats what mods and co-founders are for)

[F2U] Crown by GAYB0T

I really just want y'alls opinions on them
No, I don't have a visual ref done, I'm working on it (But if ya wanna help, I won't stop you ;w; )

Simple Lights Divider by hawaii-partii[F2U] Crown by GAYB0TSimple Lights Divider by hawaii-partii

What comes first, the chicken or the egg?
The Solmazol (So-la-ma-zol) 
Aka “Solar Guzzlers”

  • Classes

    • Aristocracy - Rare

    • Clergy - Uncommon

    • Commons - Common

Planet name- Staragna (Stuh-rug-nuh)

Continents names- Kalaico (Ka-laie-co), Largsai (Lar-g-say), Eyos (Ay-ow-sa)

Kingdom names- Ocias (O-kia-sa), Azmarella (Az-mar-ella), Oxdynn (Ox-den), Adith (Ad-e-th), Sedr (Se-dra)


Common- All teeth are sharp - Sharp teeth are used to crunch through tough rock pieces

Uncommon- Canines (just 2 on the top and 2 on the bottom) - Canines are used to bite down and rip into stars

Rare- Fangs (just two top sharp teeth) - Fangs are used to bite deep into planets, and slowly extracting the core


Common- Full (Covers whole face)

Uncommon- Half side (covers 1 side of the face and the third eye)

Rare- half (Covers half of nose and up)

Third eye (Appearance)-

Common- White sclera, whatever colored iris with a star(s) inside of iris

Uncommon- Whatever colored sclera, cloudy colored iris with a star(s) inside of iris

Rare- Whatever colored sclera, dark colored (no pastels, just dark colors)  iris with a star(s) inside of iris

Third eye (Ability)-

Common- Sense beings around them

Uncommon- Seeing to other places around the universe

Rare- Seeing the future in and at anyplace

Diets- Not the whole star/planet just bits and piece

Common- Dead stars

Uncommon- Living stars

Rare- Planet’s core (Any planet)

Rings/halos- Each ring appears as they gain social success

Common- One or two hoops

Uncommon- Two to five hoops

Rare- As many as wanted, three is the minimum

Horns (On head)-

Common- Three horns

Uncommon- Two horns

Rare- No horns

Horns (On body, Placement)-

Common- Face

Uncommon- Arms and legs

Rare- Neck to Pelvis

Wings (Types)- Wings are sometimes used for transportation, but mostly to show off pure breds

Common- None

Uncommon- Angel

Rare- Demon

Wings (Placements)-

Common- Back

Uncommon- Hips and, legs

Rare- Wrist and, ankles

Tails (Types)-
Common- Animal

Uncommon- Demon

Rare- Shaped and mythical creatures

Marking (Placements)-

    Common- Face

Uncommon-  Arms and legs

Rare- Anywhere

Eggs (Sleeping quarters)-

Common- Decorated with paints, scraps of fabric, and whatever they can find around

Uncommon- Jewels, fine fabrics

Rare- Decorated with jewels, expensive metals (melted), and sometimes actually stars


Stars are a big part of the Solmazol diet, in the most part. A common Solmazol needs to eat 5/7 days of the week. A uncommon Solmazol can go a full week without eating, but not obtaining food at least 4 times a month will result in death. Rare Solmazol can go a full month out eating, but they must eat a month’s worth of food throughout the year to live healthy.

Stars are likely bred in small version on the planets’ harvesting ‘farms’, but to collect a planet’s core a Solmazol must go out in a squad of 5 or less to collect the core and bring back to Staragna for storage. Cores can last a complete family of four 1 month and a half.

Staragna- Their planet

Staragna is a average sized that dominated by 3 major continents, Kalaico, Largsai, Eyos. Kalaico is ruled mostly by Ocias, they fathering kingdom of them all, except for a small part that’s ruled by Azmarella. Largsai is ruled equal by both Oxdynn and Adith. Eyos, on the other hand is ruled just by Sedr.


A male and a female will both draw small amounts of their blood, then pick a egg. After injection the egg with both their blood, the egg will be set in a nursery, where the egg will mix, grow and mutate into a Solmazol
How do they pick eggs, where do the eggs come from, and how do they get the blood in there? Simple, eggs are 'created' in a nursery/farm/lab area, within each continent, the mates, will simply be giving a egg, since its not the egg that matters, but the genes being put in
And with a very thin injection needle

So why are they making eggs in this farm/lab thingy?  And since they're a live species and I would assume their technology and systems would have grown and advanced with time, what were they doing before they had the means to create eggs in that way, if they ever did things differently at all? They can reproduce in a sexally matter, but with time they developed this new way of breeding.

Why? It a more efficient way to breed, no need to worry about any internal malfunctions to ruin the birth of each child!


From birth Solmazol are matched with their life partner, arranged marriages, if you will. Most pairs will be permanent til death, but if a Solmazol manages to more up or down a ‘class’ their mate will be matched with another and so will they. (Classes, in the most part will not mix)

Changing classes-

Though changing classes aren’t impossible, it’s not common. A Solmazol may change classes in situations where they gain/lose much wealth, acquire a job that would change their status, or appointed a higher or lower position for a certain reason (Reasons vary)

Positions (Within each class)-

    Aristocracy - kings and their vassals

    Clergy -

    Those who prayed -  priests, monks, nuns, friars, etc.

    hose who obtained wealth- doctors, lawyers, scientist,  engineers,

    Commons - Everyone else- clerks, maids, waiters/waitresses

Up to you-

You may choose whatever color skin, along with any type of horns, as well as whatever pattern you put on their body/egg/mask!

Simple Lights Divider by hawaii-partii[F2U] Crown by GAYB0TSimple Lights Divider by hawaii-partii

Thank you to whoever read all that (Sure as hell know I wouldn't want to)
Any feedback would be awesome!

Simple Lights Divider by hawaii-partii[F2U] Crown by GAYB0TSimple Lights Divider by hawaii-partii

Cronch N Monch by Amaranthean

More Journal Entries


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