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im sort of back??
uhh basically what happened in the past few days was my mom is getting laid off her job this coming monday, she's known for like a week? the company's closing down. there'll be literally no income and it's very possible we could be homeless since no income = no supporting four kids and an adult (technically 2 adults and 3 kids but my older brother is a 22 year old lazy fuck and doesnt even work)

also i had to force my mom to drive herself and me to the ER last night bc she was having symptoms of angina and a heart attack. she had super high blood pressure and was having burning pain in her left shoulder, jaw, left side of her chest, and her left arm was feeling numb. they've done tests and she seems to be fine but it's really,, expensive.
she seemed?? kind of indifferent and apathetic to being in the hospital and the very idea that she could have had a heart attack? i did take a picture of her because she was trying to keep my spirits up and she was very noticeably taking selfies and laughing about how the word "angina@ sounds a lot like "vagina"
<da:thumb id="3662141106686089"/>

i almost admitted myself into a hospital for a different reason, but not one im exactly comfortable sharing in public since it's super personal aa

uhh theres other more minor stuff but it all adds up and im just so overwhelmed. i cant work due to mental health / my inability to leave the house often due to my agoraphobia, the whole thing abt expenses and bills and stuff,,

im so frustrated? and saddened. my mom is basically my support team and without her im basically falling to pieces. the only reason im holding myself together is for her and her health. i dont matter as long as shes ok

im really sorry for just putting this all out there but ive been holding it in and uhh i only see my therapist once a month due to scheduling conflicts so !!
i felt like i needed my watchers to know.
usd only except for otto; feel free to offer anything for them!!
may be willing to haggle aaa! — ttoska design, $40 (tent.) — 90sleos design, offer? — 66knives design, $24 (tent.) — altpnk / scumpnk design, $40 [H-V-R-T you wanted me to lyk when this guy was up for offers!!]
style one: "cutesy," simplified anatomy.
style two: more focused on semi-realistic anatomy, proportion, etc. takes a much longer time to do, with more attention to detail, hence the added price.

will draw ;;
-- ferals
-- gore
-- accessories (no excessive ones please <3)

won't draw ;;
-- overly complex designs
-- mecha
-- nsfw

headshot / bust -- $5 USD / 500:points:

shading optional!! please specify if you want it flat or with shading.

style one: practice doodle 2 by 21ky dopey by 21ky stinky onion by 21ky proud by 21ky

style two (+$2 usd / 200:points:) moody by 21ky alis-gay-r by 21ky uncanny valley by 21ky serene by 21ky

flat fullbody -- $10 USD / 1000:points:

style one: sheepdog by 21ky precious by 21ky warm by 21ky

style two (+$2 usd / 200:points:): no examples currently

fullbody w/ (experimental) shading -- $12 USD / 1200:points:

style one: limp by 21ky sleepy by 21ky don't despair by 21ky wagging by 21ky

style two (+$2 usd / 200:points:): little kid by 21ky emaciated by 21ky puppy kisses by 21ky

(second example is a halfbody, but it's the same style that would be used in a fullbody)

wiggle icon (500 x 500) -- $7 USD / 700:points:

will be flat-coloured bust! will add fullbody wiggles once i get some more practise ♡

jealousy. by 21ky what a doll by 21ky record scratch by 21ky soulless by 21ky

shitpost headshot / bust -- pwyw

shading optional!! please specify if you want it flat or with shading.
tiny shitposts by 21ky