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Dawn Relic, Explanation
Right then, Explanation for why Dawn Relic is an Alicorn and has no Apparent mother to her name:
This Roleplay of mine on another site, end of.
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My Little Pony, Original Character Sheets
The Family:
Sky Morph
Gender: Male
Age: Young Adult
Colouring: Dull Orange body colour, Navy Blue Eye Colour, and a Grey Mane.
Species: Pegasus
Cutie Mark: a Five-Point Shield, nothing too special.
Relationship with: Serene Nimbus (Mate), Dawn Relic (Father), Unnamed as of yet (Father).
Serene Nimbus
Gender: Female
Age: Young Adult
Colouring: Pure White Body Colour, Pastel Blue Eye and Mane colour.
Species: Pegasus
Cutie Mark: Two clouds overlapping each other.
Relationship with: Sky Morph (Mate), Unnamed as of yet (Mother).
Dawn Relic
Gender: Female
Age: Mid Foal
Colouring: the exact same as her father, bar the eyes, which are Grey.
Species: Alicorn
Cutie Mark: None, Blank Flank and proud.
Relationship with: Sky Morph (Daughter)
Unnamed as of yet
Gender: Male
Age: Newborn
Colouring: Silver Body, with a pastel Orange and Blue Mane, Grey eye colour.
Species: Pegasus
Cutie Mark: None, no newborn has one at that point surely.
Relationship with: Sky Morph (Son), Serene Nimbus (Son)
The oth
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Minecraft - Bomb Shelter Inner by 21eeveevulpix Minecraft - Bomb Shelter Inner :icon21eeveevulpix:21eeveevulpix 1 4 Minecraft - Town Hall Outer by 21eeveevulpix Minecraft - Town Hall Outer :icon21eeveevulpix:21eeveevulpix 1 10 Minecraft - Town Hall Inner by 21eeveevulpix Minecraft - Town Hall Inner :icon21eeveevulpix:21eeveevulpix 2 8 Minecraft LULZ by 21eeveevulpix Minecraft LULZ :icon21eeveevulpix:21eeveevulpix 3 46
Rough RPG2K3 ideas
Douglas Kelly: Assignment 2: Game synopsis
Task 1: Project Razen Phoenix
Characters: Project C-00*
1. Raiko: The Protagonist, his motives and emotional stability are unknown for the first quarter of the game, he comes across as a typical uncaring person (however, unlike most stereotyped characters in this niche, he does not have spiky hair, or yellow hair for that matter), he has two children, one of which was killed shortly before his arrival within the dimension the game takes place in, the other, managed to precede his own arrival, how this was achieved is unknown.
In battle, he is compassionate; however, he will show no mercy towards an opponent, often silencing a foe before they get a chance to say anything, this is a deep-rooted defence mechanism, where he attacks first for fear of being stricken, this too dates back to when he was a child, where bullying and eventual self-seclusion drove this habit into existence.
2. Crest: A native Gaian of the dimension the game is held in; sh
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... no by 21eeveevulpix ... no :icon21eeveevulpix:21eeveevulpix 0 5 ... by 21eeveevulpix ... :icon21eeveevulpix:21eeveevulpix 1 6 Chrisstigers 50,000 Pageview by 21eeveevulpix Chrisstigers 50,000 Pageview :icon21eeveevulpix:21eeveevulpix 4 18 Guess who by 21eeveevulpix Guess who :icon21eeveevulpix:21eeveevulpix 2 1 Spear Pillar - Final Piece by 21eeveevulpix Spear Pillar - Final Piece :icon21eeveevulpix:21eeveevulpix 0 28 Broken Pillar Render Beta by 21eeveevulpix Broken Pillar Render Beta :icon21eeveevulpix:21eeveevulpix 2 6 Pillar Render Beta by 21eeveevulpix Pillar Render Beta :icon21eeveevulpix:21eeveevulpix 0 17
Suffocating Survival part 11
*am I falling... no... this feels more like... no this feels more like floating... where... am I?*
The escape from the prison area had been distinctly eventful, if it wasn't for Dianne and her Moonlight Skill I probably wouldn't have made it out without serious injury and now with what had happened in there catching up to me I could feel my body wanting to rest.
*what... is my purpose... why... do I exist... who am I... am I... just a puppet?*
"Aaron! Louise! You better not be fighting again!" Serina was listening to the scuffling noises coming from the upstairs landing, she's been nauseous in the mornings recently and as a result her temper was starting to flare, this combined with her odd craving for wanting to eat the most bizarre of food stuffs had lead her to believe she was expectant again considering the last time her Fiancé had been in the home was the only time they had last attempted for a child, she was ignoring the signs.
*you belong with those you hold dear... you may
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Flyft 1 by 21eeveevulpix Flyft 1 :icon21eeveevulpix:21eeveevulpix 2 130

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United Kingdom
I am what I am, don't like it, your face will probably meet my fist.

Current Residence: Sinnoh
deviantWEAR sizing preference: large
Favourite genre of music: Gaming music
Operating System: Windows XP
MP3 player of choice: any
Wallpaper of choice: none, i prefer paint
Skin of choice: my own
Favourite cartoon character: no-one
Personal Quote: you don't like me or what I am? have you ever thought that I may not like you that much either?
So, uh, out of the people who follow me, and others, how my of you play the game in the title?
If so, what is your main team? And What recent pulls have you gotten from the FF9 Banner?
Recently got a Zidane and Freya, got some other units too but those aren't actually banner cards.

*Edit 1* Ok, yesterday my account on FFBE decided to be god-like, Pulled a Chizuru and a Cecil, like seriously what the heck.

*Edit 1.1* New event on today, finally gives King Mog some use, I just hope we can get more than One Trust Moogle...
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