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Australovenator Wintonensis statue 4



Taken from Australian Age Of Dinosaurs Museum Of Natural History

Discovered in June 2006 his name means Southern Hunter he was a Neovenatorid belong to the Allosauroid family of Theropod Dinosaurs he was 6 m/20 ft long was 3 m/10 ft tall and was 500 kg/1103 lb heavy he had 72 serrated teeth and 3 huge 25.4 cm/10 inch to 12.7 cm/ 5 inch 6.5 cm/ 2.6 inch recurved razor sharp claws estimated to run at 30 km/19 miles an hour roamed Queensland State of Australia during the Mid-Cretaceous (Latest Albian)100-98 million years ago

It is claimed to be Australia’s answer to Velociraptor, the terrifying dinosaur brought so chillingly to life by Stephen Spielberg in the film ‘Jurassic Park’. Theropod dinosaur of the Jurassic Period eating a smaller ornithopod Velociraptor was turkey sized. For his movie, Spielberg had to invent a human-sized version for his villainous killer. If Australovenator was known back then, Spielberg would have had the perfect dinosaur to use: a fast, ferocious killer; the height of an adult human; with massive hand claws and razor-sharp teeth.
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