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The Meek Shall Inherit?



This thing? Was vicious, appropriately enough. I'm sorry I took so long to finish it, but I literally scrapped it a dozen times before I finally found something that worked.

Anyway! This is a prize pic/giftart for the lovely and badass ~Neshomeh, whose creativity is matched only by her infinite patience. It touches on a scene from a PPC mission we cowrote, where her character Nume--an introverted, tightly-wound and serious individual--finally reached his snapping point and socked Suicide (my fancharacter version of a canon from Gates of Fire) square in the jaw. Well, square for Nume anyway: he doesn't really do physical violence much, and he actually wound up wrenching his wrist in the process.

(Why can't you see any part of his thumb? Because Nume actually tucked it into his fist. Be nice, he doesn't punch people normally.)

In the original story, they were in Elf disguise at the time, due to some horrific happenings in Middle-earth. My initial sketches showed that, but I ultimately decided to put them in their normal clothes: otherwise, it would be just two semi-familiar-looking Elves getting into a scrap, and that doesn't have the same effect. Plus, I couldn't resist the urge to ruffle Nume's normally-sedate hair.

About five seconds after this, Suicide recovers from his surprise, picks Nume up by the throat, and prepares to go to town on him. Fortunately the universe distracts them by exploding.

The title comes from . . . well, okay, it's a bit of a stretch, I admit. But Nume tends to be the remote intellectual; he's not the sort anybody ever imagined aiming a punch at an ancient Scythian warrior, let alone landing one. This is definitely a moment of unexpected triumph. When it happened, I knew it had to be my picture. (Neshomeh's original request was "Nume doing something badass." :D)

Nume and this picture are (c) ~Neshomeh, which is why I've disabled the picture download. There may be colored versions of this in future if she wants it done.

Suicide is based on the so-named character from Gates of Fire by Steven Pressfield.
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Okay, I can be coherent now. This is awesome, and you got it done just in time for my birthday today, which is doubly awesome since I'm not sure you knew it was today. ^_^

I love the glasses askew, and the ruffled hair, and is that blood? I actually thought the thumb was there at first glance, but now I see it's the tie. Silly Nume.

Speaking of coloring, I'd like to have a go. I think if I print a "draft" copy the lines'll be light enough that I can color right over them without a problem. I can do Dio and Su, too, if you like. Coloring's my favorite part of drawing. {= )