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Welcome! :3

It's UwU time
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Small Introduction! :3

I’m a cosplayer, crafter and digital artist from Greece. I started cosplaying and crafting in 2014. I craft my cosplays because I love the process of creation, which allows me to try new things and add my own touch in them while staying true to the original source and portray the characters I choose to cosplay.

I’m mostly known for my Dark Magician Girl cosplay-which was the first character I ever cosplayed as- and Liliana Vess. These characters, although from 2 different card games (Yu-Gi-Oh and Magic:The Gathering), tend to be 2 sides of the same coin for me, as they share many similarities but also have enough differences to be told apart.

They are my top personal favorites -even though I favor each and every character I have ever chosen to cosplay as- so they tend to pop up in my feed every now and then.

I’m also a digital artist, as I am open for digital art commissions. You may see samples on my Digital Art folder if you’re interested or check my deviantart (20Tourniquet02). I’m also the editor behind my cosplay pictures.

I am a fan of playing online games (them being mostly of GTArcade, where I had also worked as a livestreamer back in 2018) and both online and irl card games (Yu-Gi-Oh and Magic:The Gathering). I also participated in Magic:The Gathering's Pre-release event Hour of Devastation -organized by Kaissa Glyfadas in 7th/8th July 2017 as Liliana Vess-Death's Majesty/based in the art of Chris Rallis .

I am open in playing new online games as well, so long as they can be accessed via a pc. When it comes to anime/manga/light novels I tend to be picky, so if you have any suggestions, you may pm me about them.

Up until now, I have participated in cosplay contests held in my country-and some online ones held worldwide and outside of my country-, including: Gamespace-Inspot's Cosplay Fanart Contest Party in Inspot Chalandriou -27th September 2014- (1st place as Dark Magician Girl from Yu-Gi-Oh!), Fantasticon Cosplay Contest -2nd October 2016 (1st place as Saber from Fate/Zero), LGC Finals E-Sports Innovation Athens 2017 Cosplay Contest 19th January 2017 (1st place as Victoria-Angel of Victory from League of Angels II), Kallithea Cosplay Fiesta Contest -19th February 2017 (1st place as Dark Magician Girl from Yu-Gi-Oh!), Comicdom Con Athens Cosplay Contest 2018 -21th April 2018 (5th place-honorable mention as Liliana of the Veil/Steve Argyle's extras version from Magic:The Gathering), Cosplay GP -Online Version 2020 /worldwide cosplay contest-May-July 2020-got canceled due to pandemic- (5th place as Dark Magician Girl from Yu-Gi-Oh!), Comicdom Con Athens Cosplay Contest 2021-11th September 2021(3rd place as Dark Magician Girl from Yu-Gi-Oh!).

Occasionally, I am creating and sharing memes or other important or fandom related news. If you like my work and wish to support me, you may do so by going on my ko-fi account (tourniquetsart).

For those of you who wish to become part of my discord community, you may subscribe on deviantart or ko-fi. We're a fun and friendly community with extra events and group activities taking place frequently. :3

For more links, here is the place you have to go on. They are all in one place: https://linktr.ee/20Tourniquet02

Tonight, after 23:00 GMT, I will be livestreaming on twitch as a participant for extra life's fundraising event. The livestreaming will mainly focus in real-time crafting. Those of you who will decide to donate, there are donation incentives listed in the image, as well as the link you will be making the donation to (it is an extra life link, all donations go straight to the extra life website). The donor with the highest donation will receive object that will be crafted during the livestream. Individually we may not be able to do much, but as a team we can. Help children who are battling diseases, those who have no home to go to and all those who need our help and attention more than just once per year. #extralife #extralifenotice #extralifelivestream #livestream #childrenwithneeds #kidscantwait #ChangeKidsHealth #forthekids #helpthoseinneed #crafting
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For anyone interested, there are a few goodies that are the last ones remaining. Here you may find out more about them: https://ko-fi.com/album/Ko-fi-Awards-W7W6Z6IE
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For anyone who is able to help, it'd be much appreciated. This adorable black cat is in need. Feel free to spread the word and those of you who are able to donate, you may do it. Everything helps. https://www.gofundme.com/f/help-shadow-with-his-growing-medical-expenses
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Thank you for all the badges ;)

Keep to make amazing cosplays ^_^

Nice day =)

You are so welcome ^^

With pleasure :)

Thank you ^_^

It's always an honour to meet fellow card gaming enthusiasts! As a fan of both Yu-Gi-Oh! and Magic: The Gathering, I very much appreciate your excellent taste in TCGs. If my cosplay was of a similar quality to yours, I'd probably still be into the hobby.

... And a belated happy birthday to you! :)

Badge Awards

Thank you very much for your kind comments! I'm glad you like both my cosplays and my taste in tcg games. However, cosplay is a form of art that holds different meaning for each cosplayer. Do not be discouraged. If it's something you enjoy and brings you happiness, do not give up on it!

And thank you very much for the birthday wishes too!

No worries! I did cosplay in my teens, but I'm far too old and unfit to rock any kind of fancy garment now. Having said that, I'm not angsty about it - I've done it to myself. Too many late nights and a mistaken belief in having a cast-iron stomach! ;)

(And, thank you for the badges!)

Badge Awards

I'm not a teen and I still cosplay. There is no age restriction or body-type restriction, it's mostly if you enjoy something and if it makes you happy.

I have the full photoshoot on my ko-fi page if you'd like to see more of it! :)