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League of Legends - Lunar Revel

By 2013
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A collab between the lovely [link] and myself! She sketched out the scene and laid down the base colours while I painted.

This was our entry to the League of Legends Lunar Revel contest! Didn't rank, but I still love it because it's our baby. : )
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AerisSs's avatar
So funny Annie. :D
Tibbers and Annie are so cool :3

Awesome work !
Kieranpalmer's avatar
add me NA-tnaking2009 League of legends!
Arddhu's avatar
Hahahaa, I guess she is not paying with money this night... if you know what I mean.
silent-mage's avatar
...this..this..this is kinda unsettling for me.....she has a thing for tibbers.....weird lol but still a vary well done piece 
s4life80's avatar
Wow! this picture is awesome man!!

i got free riot points and stuff from
Ex-InvaderRaymond's avatar
Anyone ever make a Michael Jackson reference because of
Lara00's avatar
I  was reported three times because of that but it was worth.
Lara00's avatar
Well,once actually,but  person who played Annie still told me to get out.
NearSightedBehemoth's avatar
It's a shame this didn't rank. It's a great piece!
lukatastrus's avatar
Annie's face is scary
astre90's avatar
omg :o ... Me too i love league of legends :D ... I made statue league of legends if you want to see :p (… ) if you let comments,I will very happy ... :)
toonlinky55's avatar
run annie! shes going to eat you! noooo
unp0ssible's avatar
Lol I think ahri is making eyes at tibbers
2013's avatar
LOL thanks!
MiyukiRin's avatar
lool awesome image ! eating ramen like naruto
2013's avatar
Thank you!!
Mastermond's avatar
That's one fed Ahri
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