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Why I'm Taking A Break- I Hate Drawing
I've started to hate drawing.
Just hate it.
Every time I force myself to pick up a pencil or my tablet stylus, I feel like wanting to throw up. And I get so stressed out that I feel the urge to hurt myself as punishment for any little mistake I make. And I've almost done it a few times. I'm struggling so hard to keep a sound mind, but I'm very worried one of these days I'm going to break apart.
I've discovered I've started not to like myself. I've been getting so stressed out, which makes me more negative and bitter and take things harder. While my self-esteem has been improving over the past few weeks, often I feel like all that I'm worth is my art. I'm not a particularly good friend, I don't stay true to my morals, I can be snappy and rude and arrogant- I'm still working on these things. There are also a lot of things I do like about myself, as well, but quite a few of them are based around my work and my art.
And so I ended up basing all of my self-image on my art, and
:icongrawolfquinn:GraWolfQuinn 87 212
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My first decent digital drawing!
FNAF, foxy, mangle, ship, fangle
B=*watches Freddy* When will he notice me? I love him with all my heart, but he doesn't know. I shouldn't  think about it too be honest. I will just work myself up about it. *goes to parts and services*
C=*enters parts and service* Hey Bonnie! Are you OK? I saw you come in here looking upset and I want to make sure that you are fine.
B= Well... I have..... Never mind. You would never understand anyways.
C= Come on, Bon! I have known you for ages, you can trust me. I am sure that I will understand!
B= Fine. I... I have a-a crush o-on someo-one, a-and I am scared tha-at they will never know my f-feelings for the-em.
C= So... Who is it? If you tell me I will tell you what to say.
B= No... It's ... I am scared to say. Promise that you won't judge me, OK?
C= OK. I promise. Pinky promise! Now, let the 'love angel' do her work!!
B= I-it's ... It's F-freddy. *blushes intensely*
C= OMGGG!!! YOU TWO WILL BE IRRESISTABLE TOGETHER!!! Bonnie, that is amazing! I am sure he likes you :3
B= R-really?
C= Of course!!! Now... Shall I tell you what to say?
B= Yes... I have no clue. I am so scared! What if he hates me? What if I get -- REJECTED??
C= Don't worry! The clue to confessions is ---
Fo=*bursts in* Yarr Mateys! The Boss Needs y'all in 5 minutes... He told me to warn you's!
Fo= T_T
C= Anyway, you need to tell Freddy what you feel - his you feel! All of those feelings for him inside of you need to come out. There is never a certain thing you have to say or talk about or do - there is no wrong answer! I would recommend kissing him though :3
B= But when shall I tell him? In private, in front of people... I have no clue!!
C= In private. Then, if it doesn't go to plan, you won't be publicly shamed forever!
B=*worried looks*
C= But it will go to plan... So don't worry.
B= OK. I believe you. Shall we go meet with F-freddy now?
C= Sure! Let's go. I wonder what he wants?
*they make their way over to the stage.*
Fr= Ahh, so you have finally arrived. We are here to discuss the new night guard. No one is to touch him tonight, understood?
B+C+Fo= Yes sir.
C= Foxy, can you come help me in the kitchen?
Fo= Oh, Sure Chica!
*Foxy and Chica leave for the kitchen, leaving Bonnie and Freddy 'alone'
B= Umm... Fr-freddy? I-i need to tell you s-something important.
Fr= I'm all ears, Bon.
B= Well... I have known you for y-years and I.... I have grown deeper feelings for you and I really like you and I think I am in love with you but I was scared that you will say no.... Freddy, I l-
Fr= Bonnie, can we s-say it together?
B= Ummm.. Yeah??
B+Fr= 3...2...1... I lOvE yOu!
*they hug and kiss and it is ADORABLENESS!!*
*Foxy and Chica walk in*
C= told ya, bon <3

The end. 🐰💞🐹
Fo= Foxy
This took me ages so.... Hope u like it!!


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Not good at art -_- but I do it as a hobby and a friend told me to get this sooo.... o_0


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