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Am I the only one who thinks of Majin Android 21 when I look at this?
Evil 21 07 By Multiversepalooza Dd1j0z6-pre by MichaelofRandom  
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Amazing work ! I like how you did her tongue and lips.

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Love the breath effect
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I love her lips~
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Indeed! ^w^ Me too
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Ooohh, a one way trip, I can't enough of this type of art!
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heh, I like how you made this your Avatar, it looks really good
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It'sa me 1ZUMY! Thanks friend! ahah ^_^
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I think the tongue should end somewhere before the very left. Its the bit that bothers me from this pic. Otherwise it'd be quite nice. I really like all the saliva glittering, including that bit off the lip to the left.
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OH, I see what you mean, ahah! Well, I wish all my paintings were all perfect x'3 
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It doesn't get any more fantastic than this:

The vibrant, enticing colors, the caress of a tongue on greedy lips
and a few inviting words.

Now i'm feeling very, very,

Congratulations and thanks for sharing again.
I'm mesmerized.
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^_^ I'm so glad that you liked it, your comments always put a smile on my face!
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So do your fantastic drawings dear :))
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I love how sinister she is and how hungry she is, and the art, i hope there is an internal scene later 
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Thanks, and yes there is! ^^
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Wow, excellent work!
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Oh man that mouth... XD
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This close up is "breath-taking" :) 10/10
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