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thats some bullshit, how can a human be this talented

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Good job! 
The tiny men is Tarzan? 
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wicked amusement for her, nightmare for the tiny :)
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A beautiful angel with the most softest tongue to sleep in😌 good night 💤💤💤😌😌☺️
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Must be a scary torture for the tiny and a delightful funny game for her, trying to reach and grab the little dangling body with her giant sticky tongue xD
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I love his little adventure! I hope it doesn't end soon.
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Wow. Amazing quality.
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This looks absolutely gorgeous ! stunning coloring :D
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Gorgeous as ever! Lovely to see new stuff by you any time!
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Ohhhhh your back CX

And a glorious return *w* that's amazing really x3

I'm glad to see your back!
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A pink gateway to heaven.
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Her mouth looks so inviting.
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Hay, stop cheating! xD

This saliva look soo realistis, i ewen can feel hw it is warm and slimy!
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Is she supposed to be a sky princess or something? Looks amazing btw
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I think she's an angel because of the halo above her head and her wings in the background which kind of looks like clouds
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The hair work... The skin tones, the light... Really nice. Clap 

The mouth, needless to say :D (Big Grin) 
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Very well made, excellent use of the saliva and wonderful coloring!

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Thank you so much! It's super awesome ^w^
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Silly saliva gurl!
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